Cucumber Sandwiches {The Super Easy Way with Vegan Directions too}

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Cucumber Sandwiches

I don't know about you all but this past week has been crazy! I say this at least once a week and then the next week is wilder than the last… but that's okay, aside from a very sick husband for a few days it's all been wildly awesome craziness.

The week was full of field trips {did you know they still do that in high school?}, press events at LEGOLAND {I had the happiest 4 year old on the planet}, phone calls galore, pick up one kid drop off another, rinse and repeat! There was so much more that happened and I can't wait to share it all with you this week. 

Let's not forget that everyone still needed to eat too… but there was so little time that I was in a combat food prep zone. You know the time when you have random bits and pieces to draw from and you through it all together and pray that it tastes good. Yep, one of those times. I somehow found the time to make a loaf of my favorite 30 min. French Bread and then this happened…


I sliced the bread into not too thin slices, spread some vegan mayo on it and then added some English cucumbers slices that had been chilled in the fridge for 30 min so they were really cool and refreshing. Next, I sprinkled some coarse sea salt and dried dill! It was so good!

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend! Any super fun plans?

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