Mother and Daughter Family Spa Day

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 Thank you so much to KIA for allowing me to drive a press loaner for a week to facilitate this review.2014kiasorentoreview

Did I ever tell you all that I’m kinda a big car buff? Not in the way that I can rattle off all sorts of stats about engines and such, but more in the way that I love a good looking car that is huge in usability. Driving and reviewing the 2014 KIA Sorento was pure fun and once I saw how stylish it was I decided I needed to have some fun in it!


I called my mom and invited her for a day cruising in the KIA and some fun at the spa!


 Southern California is known for palm tree lined roads so I had to cruise around California style! We also really enjoyed the XM radio. Aside from some awesome music, the speakers are top notch. The sound system was one of the things I missed most when I had to give this sweet SUV back. It is that good!


 Before our appointments, at the spa, we stopped for coffee. We chose a coffee shop that specializes in organic coffee… and they also have my beloved coconut milk! We both went for decaf so that we could enjoy the spa treatments and not be buzzing in our seats!


My mom and I are not the tallest people which can sometimes make seeing out of cars difficult… the visibility in the KIA was perfect for us. And the interior is well appointed and really comfy. It’s pretty good looking too, don’t you think?


 We both noticed the speed limit sign on the navigation. How awesome is that?! It’s so frustrating to be driving along not knowing if you are going too fast or too slow. I live in a semi-rural area {at least in So Cal standards} and the speed limit signs are few and far between. This is a really cool feature.



Now, this is totally one of my favorite features and a real selling point. It has a blind spot detection system! Say you are driving on the freeway and a car pulls up into your blind spot next to you… this guy here warns you! Love it!


After riding around town we made it over to the spa and had mani/pedis. I *might* have even gotten nail polish to match the KIA! I just really liked the color! Plus red is always in style!



On the way home, we stopped and picked up this beautiful plant to remember our spa day. It fit perfectly in the cup holder. If you are like me and having enough cup holders is important I’m happy to say this car has plenty!


 And, if you travel heavy with multiple kids and a car seat, have no fear… everything fits perfectly! There was no problem having a car seat and 2 kids in the middle row with 2 in the third row. It’s not the roomiest packed with people but it’s still very comfortable.


I can’t leave out the all-important backup camera too. With little ones around me, it’s something that I insist on having in my vehicles. The KIA has a very good one that covers the whole back area.


We had a great time on our spa day and have decided to do it more often. Of course, it’s not going to be as much fun in my minivan as it was in the KIA but we’ll survive! Learn more about the KIA Sorento here.

What is the number one feature you look for in a vehicle?

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