Why I am making my home more natural, and how you can too!

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This is the post. You know the one that makes all the others make sense.  Yep, finally writing it.

My better, healthier and more natural life started a few months ago. We had a bad cold season here. Ever since school started there was major sneezing and coughing and 5 miserable people here in my home and only so much I could do to make them feel better. I felt stuck.


Then it occurred to me that there was more I could do. I could help prevent them from getting sick in the first place. And this was the start of my new beginning.


I often find myself thinking about why I feel this calling to make my life and home more natural… and what “natural living” even means.

I know that to me, natural living means to do better. I want to do better for both me and my family. Natural living is giving our bodies more of what they need and less of what they don’t need. I want our bodies to be the best they can. Sounds simple and hard all at once. Our bodies need more of the good stuff like fresh food and less of the bad stuff like processed, man made junk food.

In the beginning I made a list of what healthy changes I wanted to make. I included on the list what a healthy life looked like. Then I started to get to work. This was around the same time that I started changing this blog too. I wanted to bring you, my awesome readers on this adventure with me. I asked you all what you thought about healthy lifestyles and learned that there was a high percentage that was not doing their best at being healthy, but really wanted to. It was meant to be. You and I on this journey together!


My list stared off like this:

  1. Continue with a vegetarian diet for me and the girls, and more organic meat for Pete. Work more vegan meals and foods into all of our diets. Increase fresh fruits and veggies. Eat more in season and from a local source. Focus on the dirty dozen and buy those organic.
  2. Create a healthier home. Locate and use the best natural cleaning and laundry products. Stop using home fragrances.
  3. No more highly processed foods.
  4. Soap, shampoo, makeup, lotion oh my! Find ones I love, that are natural and make the switch!
  5. Spend more time outside being happy, breathing fresh air and getting exercise!

The list is constantly being added to.  Yesterday alone I added to the list twice. The first was to find a farm direct source for Kona Coffee {still looking} and the second was to replace our disposable k-cups with reusable ones.

It’s a work in process and the goal is not perfection. Each step I take towards a more natural and healthy life is success to me!

If you want to start your own natural journey start by writing your own list. Think of every way you envision a natural life and then do it!

I want to hear from you! Are you thinking of going more natural too?

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog It's a Lovely Life®! In addition to traveling 150+ days a year, she also helps new bloggers build successful blogging businesses.


  • I am so glad to read this post. I find the hardest thing s money….people (including me) think going natural means “cost an arm and a leg.” I am excited to read your future posts!!

    • That is so true! It’s easy to associate natural with more money… and I think it really used to be that way. Now though there are so many options that the price to go natural is really reasonable!

  • Making a list definitely helps me keep goals. Anyways, I haven’t ever really thought of “going natural” but I know a lot of people are talking about it – I should look more into it & possibly make the switch…

    • Angela, maybe consider going naturalish… baby steps start with green cleaning products or the dirty dozen and work your way to a more natural life 🙂

    • They were Debbie! I take pictures of the kids every year on or next to {when they are babies} the big pumpkins! I love that time of year!

    • Thanks Jane! Hope you stick around for the adventure… it’s about to get more interesting LOL!

  • I suffer from allergies to most scents in cleaning products, perfumes, and those things that make the house smell yummy. Would love to learn more about going natural!

  • I have often wondered what it would take to make the switch an easy transition for my family. I look into every once in a while but never have made any real moves yet.

  • We have been little by little. It is very hard to get the ball rolling but it seems to get a littler easier for us the more we try. I am glad to say my family and I have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies instead of snack foods plus I bought a green house and planted fruits and veggies 🙂 Tomato’s, Cabbage, and Cucumbers are doing great!

  • WOW! you have an awesome idea of living at your home the natural way. I’ll take note of your tip which is spending more time outside , breathing fresh air and getting some exercise.

  • WOW! you have an awesome idea of living at your home the natural way. I’ll take note of your tip which is spending more time outside , breathing fresh air and getting some exercise.Thanks for sharing!

  • I have tried to go natural and it has been a challenge. We always have fresh fruits and begins, so that’s a start.

  • Well, this post has sure make me think about it. I do pretty well now but you did shine a light on areas where I should make some changes….shampoos for one!

  • I love using natural items especially for cleaning. I use vinegar quite a bit for mopping and cleaning.

  • we do alot of the things you metioned above, but I am still not ready to go vegetarian , but I can limit our meat intake and replace with other foods more often

  • I too try to use as many natural products such as bleach, vinegar and baking soda. Looking forward to more tips.

  • i need to do more of the things on the list like getting outside more and eating more fresh fruit!

  • I love your pumpkins. I am starting slowly to go more natural, but at least I am headed in that direction

  • I would love to do this for my family but I know it would NOT go over well at all. 🙁

  • I would really love to change my entire lifestyle into a healthier one. My Dr has given me news that I am so deficient in so many vitamins and minerals, due to my not eating properly for many MANY years. I am now on prescription vitamins, and even several bottles from health food store, and liquid probiotics. (I dont have them yet, I dont know what to get? I need help) I am tired of having a sick body and a sick house. I only have processed foods frozen foods, and loads of prepackaged crap that my father and I both eat. I am disabled and unable to cook most times for myself, as I am unable to cook on a regular basis. This makes it harder to even grocery shop. Ok. I am thru whining. I need help with nutrition planning. I am going to get help thru a nutritionist when I go back for my next blood draws.

  • I try to be as natural as I can. I like how you started with a list of what you wanted your healthy life to include. I think that is a great way to start and I am going to do this myself. There are changes that I would like to make for my family as well and I think that writing it down will be helpful for me to be able to accomplish what I would like. Thank you.

  • I would have to say that I am one that says the more natural the more money. So this is great for you to share.

  • I eat mostly vegetarian but there is still a lot to read up on the seed companies, fertilizer, and insecticides.

  • We eat and live pretty naturally but went through a bought of constant illness this fall. We started doing regular chiropractic care and we have all felt great since!

  • I am slowly trying to switch over to a more natural way of living, but I am on a small fixed income, and it seems like so many eco-friendly and healthier alternatives are so much more expensive. Very frustrating!

  • Making a list is a great idea. We have been trying to go more natural also. I have been trying to buy all organic fruits and vegetables. I need to work on getting rid of the other chemicals in our house. Like cleaners and soaps. Thanks for sharing your goals!

  • This is a good article. I find alot of these things hard to do. Mostly because I am disabled and because of the expense involved. But I do take alot of vitamins suggested by my Dr. And try to eat as healthy as I can.

  • I have tried this and sometimes I have felt we just don’t have enough money. Thanks for the article!

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