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What To Do With Kids On Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki

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Yesterday was quite possibly the most relaxing day of my life.

We don’t focus on relaxation when we are traveling. There is normally too much to do, and I want to me able to share as much as possible with everyone.  However, yesterday we moved to a new hotel and pretty much the second we got there, I just felt a wave of calmness rush over me. The next thing I knew, I was telling Pete that today needed to be a go with the flow, do what we feel like day with no set plans….that is exactly what we did. I think that once you see our new suite, you will totally understand why I felt this way. I might never want to leave. 

Let me introduce you to our new partner hotel, The Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head (full review coming soon)… lotus honolulu at diamond head lotus honolulu at diamond head Diamond head suitelotus honolulu at diamond head boutique hotel20160316_125620 20160316_130001veranda 20160316_130038 20160316_130102

This boutique hotel at the foot of Diamond Head is magnificent. We are staying in the Diamond Head Suite that is massive with views every direction and features a wrap around balcony. Pete and I have been sitting out on the veranda working and taking in the sights and sounds for hours now. I can’t say enough good things about this hotel. It is that special. 

We did take a little break from hotel life to head down the coast for a bit. We wanted to explore that direction of the island, and we found a little piece of heaven about 20 minutes away. We passed some beautiful beaches and then happened upon this harbor.


Emmy had her daily allotment of shave ice, and Pete had an acai bowl. I think I’ve converted Pete into a devout acai bowl connoisseur. He declared this one a top 10!  

20160316_160745 20160316_160758

The prices here were shockingly reasonable, so much so that we double checked with them to make sure they charged us for everything. Even though we are luxury travelers, we still get a thrill out of a good deal! President Obama must enjoy a deal too… his picture was all over the walls here!


We took a leisurely drive back to the hotel and decided to have some beach time. The hotel has a little path to the beach maybe 1 minute from the front desk. Clearly, nobody enjoyed the sparkling water… or maybe everyone did! The weather has been perfect!

oahu sandsail boat oahudiamond head beachplaying in the water oahu

As the sun started to set, we headed back to our hotel. The thing with sunrises and sunsets here is that they happen almost instantly. They seem to linger more in other places we’ve been, especially California, but here one moment it’s sunny, the next the sun is gone til it rises again the next morning. 


This evening we decided to have dinner in our suite. It has a full kitchen and dining room area off the family room, and we wanted to just enjoy the space. We discovered that there is a service called WaikikiRoomService.com that delivers straight to your room from a huge list of restaurants. I think it was about $6.99 delivery fee per restaurant which is yet another deal that just came our way. We ordered a bunch of food and then headed down to the business center to rent a movie. Our room came with movie rentals, and there are DVD players throughout so it was dinner and a movie night for us.


This is what our night looked like. It was awesome! I highly recommend a night of doing nothing when on vacation. We are now refreshed and ready for another packed day of island exploration; that is if I can tear myself away from this hotel. I am so in love!

Here is our day four video recap:


What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?

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  • That looks like a seriously amazing hotel! I love that you have a kitchen in your room and the views are stunning! I think I could easily relax there too!

  • I like to keep really busy when I am on vacation. I don’t like down time at all.

  • These are some beautiful photos! It looks like everyone is having a great time. I would love to go on a trip there. I think our family would really enjoy it.

    • My family and I have been talking about visiting Hawaii, It seems like such a great destination for a family trip! Their hotel looks very nice- we will check it out!

  • I love your suite! There is so much room and the view is magnificent! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a vacation.

  • Now that’s how you take a vacation! Everyone looks like they had a great time. That was a completely amazing hotel you stayed at. My bucket list includes a nice trip to Hawaii so if I make it, I know where to stay. 🙂

  • That seriously looks dreamy. From the view to the beds and the fact that you said the pricing was reasonable. Hawaii is one place I really want to visit!

  • Oh my gosh, Heather. How beautiful is this!!! We were in Oahu last year so all of this is bringing back such memories but your room, MIND BLOWN. I’ve never thought about taking a day to just relax when on vacation. It’s kind of funny since that is why we go on vacation. Great pictures, great room, and it looks like your family is making memories to last a lifetime.

  • Wow, that hotel looks SO dreamy! I would be eating SO much shaved ice right now if I were in Hawaii!

  • What a beautiful place to visit. I’d love to make the trip and enjoy it with my family.

  • Little Emmy always looks like she is having such a blast! That shaved ice looks amazing, and so do those beaches.

  • WOW – so many relaxing thoughts went through my head, reading this! Your pictures are awesome, and make me want to be there NOW! I really like that there’s a kitchen in the room, too – but don’t know that I would be in my room that much! LOL

    • I know I’d be spending every possible second on that beach! But having a kitchen is so amazing when you’re traveling with your family. It’s my favorite amenity.

  • What a beautiful hotel! I hope to be able to travel more with the kids soon, wouldn’t be so bad if my two youngest weren’t both boys, only 18 months apart and complete holy terrors when together. haha.

  • The view is fantastic and the rooms are just incredible. It’s great that most hotels have their own kitchen so you can shop around and cook your own food. The shaved ice looks awesome though.

  • It looks like you all are having so much fun. I would love to visit there someday. I think this would make an amazing family vacation! I love all your photos too.

  • What a lovely place! Hawaii is on my bucket list and I hope to cross that out of my list this year. The sun, sand and beach are so beautiful! Oh, and to relax at the end of the day in a hotel like that is just awesome!

  • It’s been almost 20 yrs since I was in Hawaii! I can’t even believe it’s been so long! We’re planning on going back as an entire family when my mom retires, so we need to know all of the new things to do and enjoy! Where you stayed is absolutely stunning! I’m so ready to go back!

  • This is an amazing room. I love how much space you have there. I am enjoying your posts about this trip.

  • I am horrible at relaxing. I know I need to but the letting go is tough. It sounds like I’ve found the spot to learn how. It looks just gorgeous there.

  • I love that there is a food delivery service! Sometimes on vacation I just want to chill in the room after a long day on the beach. It looks like a great place to vacation!

  • The view looks incredible! What a wonderful hotel. I have yet to visit Hawaii but one day I look forward to enjoying the soft sand beaches! Looks like you had a great time

  • My fave thing to do on vacation is RELAX and EAT! 🙂 Your pics are amazing. That hotel looks like somewhere i’d like to LIVE full time. Thanks for the info. I will be looking into this hotel for sure

  • That shaved ice looks so yummy! I don’t think you’d be able to get me either off the beach or that deck/lanai – I’d be out there enjoying the view!

  • Oahu sounds like an absolutely beautiful place. I’ve never been there but after reading your post I’ve added it to my travel bucket list.

  • Good for you! I always think it’s such a waste to have such beautiful hotel rooms when we travel that we don’t even utilize. It would be nice to take a day or part of a day to just chill and enjoy what’s offered.

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