Tips For Celebrating Milestones For Non-First Babies

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When I had my first baby it was easy to document and celebrate every milestone. I had the time and I used it well. Without fail, Maddie had a monthly professional picture taken for the first two years of her life, aka, till her sister was born… and then life got a bit more crazy (in a good way). With that new baby added into the mix there wasn’t time to celebrate those monthly milestones like there was with just one child. That didn’t stop me from still celebrating, but just not on the same grand level.

Today I’m sharing my “Tips For Celebrating Milestones For Non-First Babies”.


Years later and the arrival of our third daughter made milestone celebration seem completely out of the picture, or so we thought.  But we soon realized that wasn’t the case at all… with just a little extra planning and some help from our older children, celebrating baby Emmy’s milestones was something we really looked forward to and celebrated like crazy!

Here are some tips for celebrating milestones for non-first babies:

  1. Have the sibling(s) get involved. This was the turning point for us. Having our older two as excited as we were and wanting to help celebrate was awesome. From Emmy learning to crawl, to her learning how to use a straw… it was her big sisters that really planned how we were going to document and celebrate. Maddie was the photographer and videographer and Ashley was the party planner. Yes, we really did have little parties for each milestone. We had some of our best memories during those little celebrations.
  2. Don’t worry about getting expensive professional photographs taken at each milestone. Instead pick a few that mean the most to you and have them taken then. The rest of the milestones can be photographed by you, or their older siblings (if they are old enough). The goal isn’t perfect pictures… it’s capturing memories!
  3. Enjoy each milestone. It is harder to celebrate all the milestones with more than one child, and that’s okay. Just remember to enjoy them. Mark the moment in your mind and add it to the memories in your heart. I promise your child will remember how happy you made them feel in that moment way more than how you celebrated each time.

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Did you do anything different to celebrate non-first born baby milestones?


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  • I was sooo bad about those milestones for my younger son. I just didn’t have time 🙂

  • I just have two children and they were four years apart so I documented both sons pretty much the same way. I can imagine for those parents that have more than two or kids close together, it is much more difficult. Love your tips.

  • All of my children are 4 years apart but my grandkids are like steps, 2 are only a year apart. It gets hard for their parents sometimes to celebrate the milestones with each of them after the first. I’m passing along your tips to them as well.

  • We have not done really anything for our second child, but he gets his own spoils in what he likes. I love what you have done and I will take some of what you did here.

  • I try hard to document. I guess that is what is great about smart phones now. Just take out the camera and snap away. I create video collages every year to commemorate each child.

  • This is great! It’s always important to strike a balance for these types of things and this is a great way to make sure everyone always feels important!

  • I take a million pictures, for me they are the easiest way to document everything. My kids are really close together so my kids celebrate the babies milestones like crazy!

  • My husband and I have planned our life together before we have a child. We want to make sure our baby will have a good place to live in and that we are financially stable. So that we do not have to work long hours and we can focus to our baby. And we are getting there.

  • I 100% agree with the photography part. I spent so much money with my first child trying to get every milestone captured by professionals. I’ve learned to do it myself with my second and I’m sure one day he will just be happy that those memories were captured (makes them even more candid and real being taken by me, too!)

  • It’s really nice that you celebrate every milestone even if you’re busy. I love that the older kids also help out. Such a great way to bond with the whole family.

  • Love this. It’s so important to recognize all milestones with all kiddos. I wasn’t ever really celebrated as a kid so I make sure my kiddos are!

  • I celebrated the milestones for both my children the same. I still have their first haircut hair trimmings stowed safely away.

  • It is so easy to forget to celebrate things with non-first babies. You have more to focus on and they tend to get lost in the shuffle. These are great tips, my oldest one is good about getting excited over the youngest one doing something new.

  • I try to celebrate those milestones the same with all four kids. I will admit that I am WAY behind on baby books though!

  • It’s important to take the time to recognize the milestones of your younger kids even if you’ve already been through them once before with your others! They really notice the effort!

  • We took a lot more photos of my first child then my second. Life just gets so busy. Now with cell phone cameras it is a lot easier to keep the camera snapping.

  • This is so true. I will have to share this with my friend that is expecting her second child. With a little planning anything is possible.

  • I have documented every little milestone that my first born had until I had the second one then I lost track. However, I take so many pictures of them almost everyday so that counts!

  • These are some great tips. I have two daughters. I never did anything differently with either of them. I love the idea of getting the older siblings involved though.

  • I documented everything with my first born. For my second child, I missed some of his milestones. For the ones I didn’t miss, I had my daughter help and we had fun doing it.

  • I only have a son, so we’ve never tried celebrating that, but I do love the idea. I will have to share this with my sister. I think she will find it interesting too.

  • Such a cute post! As a firstborn, I definitely noticed that my younger brother got the short end of the stick when it came to celebrating milestones. I think I had like five Photo albums compared his two. This is a perfect way of being intentional about including all your kids 🙂

  • I think taking all your own pictures along the way is the best idea. They capture true moments instead of standing still poses, and with the quality of cameras these days, even on your cell phone, the pictures will definitely turn out high quality, much like a professional.

  • So true! great tips. My poor second son, gets hand me downs and I definitely need to do better about framing photos and writing in his memory book. I did all of these things to excess with my first and now I’m treading water .

  • I wouldnt know… I have and will only have 1 child. But I have 4 other siblings and I do remember them all being there for everything. And me being there for all their stuff and milestones. It is important.

  • When my son was born I always took pictures of everything, than 2 years later my daughter was born and i feel so bad that I haven’t done as much as I did with my first, but you are right, We need to pick and choose which milestones are important. xoxo

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