The Ultimate Family Vacation To Grand Velas Los Cabos Review

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grand velas los cabos review

Look at this view!

There are some vacations that are just so amazing that words escape you when you try to talk about them. This was one of those trips. It was so wonderful on every level that trying to put down in words just how great it was is going to be a challenge. The good news is that I have thousands of pictures and multiple videos that speak for themselves. There wasn’t a single moment when we were at Grand Velas Los Cabos that wasn’t perfect. Not a single one. Special thanks to this true luxury all-inclusive resort for hosting our visit.

olympus tours cabo review

We arrived ready for a relaxing stay with our friends at Olympus Tours.

They are our preferred private transfer in Los Cabos and we have used them multiple times before. As always, the driver had the van temperature perfectly cool and they are always so friendly. I always feel extra safe in a new place with my family knowing that we have an experienced professional for our transportation needs. Next time we are in Cabo we are going to use them to take one of the tours in Los Cabos that they offer because there are so many things to do in Los Cabos.  

welcome grand velas reivew

As we pulled up to Grand Velas, Emmy started getting even more excited.

She is a fine connoisseur of welcome ceremonies and kid’s clubs. She can pretty much tell you which hotels and resorts offer the best amenities in both these areas and she is willing to talk to you in detail about both for hours. Once she saw everyone that was waiting for us as we began to exit the van, she leaned over and whispered to me “this is going to be a good one mommy”. She was so right!

welcome neck massage gran velas los cabos

The welcome we received really set the tone for our whole visit.

Our luggage was whisked away, we were offered cold towels, welcome drinks and even neck massages to wash away any stress from traveling or day to day life. This is all happening as the private check-in is being completed with an ocean view. It was really hard to concentrate on anything we were being told because we were totally in vacation mode at that point. 

welcome drinks

Their ultra-luxury service begins long before you even arrive.

Your butler/concierge starts planning for your visit ahead of time so that your stay is perfect. This was down to having a small size robe waiting for Emmy and a sippy cup too! She hadn’t really used one of those in a while, but she thought it was awesome to have and she kept having it refilled throughout our time there. Our Butler who received his training at a UK butler academy, Carlos, was everything and everywhere. We needed to only think about him and he appeared. I’m totally not joking. He thought of things before we even knew we were going to, and yet at the same time he was discreet and never intrusive. 

grand velas cabo review

I could have cared less about my cup… because of this view! 

alcohol grand velas los cabos

Since it was lunchtime for our littlest member of our family, and she gets a bit grumpy if she is late to have a meal, we decided to head down to Azul for lunch while our baggage was brought to our room.

grand velas los cabos review

Azul is their restaurant with open-air seating overlooking the ocean that serves as a buffet for both breakfast and some days at lunch. This isn’t your typical all-inclusive buffet though, not even remotely like that. 

grand velas los cabos dining options

Although this restaurant has a buffet set up in front of the kitchen, that is the only similarity it shares to a standard buffet. There are also offerings at multiple live cooking stations and the food is in line what you would expect at an award-winning restaurant.

food at grand velas los cabos reivew

After the quickest lunch ever, we went straight to the kid’s club to drop Emmy off because she couldn’t contain her excitement for some playtime. As she shooed us away, she signaled to us with “two thumbs up” and encouraged us to “have fun for a long time” before returning for her. 

Challenge accepted!

grand velas los cabos kid's club review

Knowing she was in good hands having the time of her life (her words), we took a tour of the resort and enjoyed learning about the different accommodations that they offer. This corner suite with a jacuzzi tub on the balcony was a favorite! 

grand velas grand suite

It took us almost an hour to see the whole resort before making it back to our own connecting suites. 

suites grand velas los cabos reviews

I have a whole post just about the resort and the all-suite rooms, but here is a quick look inside mine and Pete’s. The girl’s room was very similar except that they had two queen-sized beds and ours had a king.

Grand Velas Los Cabos Hotel Review

This was the view off our private balcony.

We sat out here and enjoyed coffee and drinks throughout the day, but especially first thing in the morning and late into the evening. The sounds of the waves crashing onto the rocks were the most relaxing thing ever. Midday we would each choose a chair to sink into as we answer emails and completed other tasks for work. 


The way that the hotel is situated means that everywhere you are throughout the resort has this amazing view. Ashley worked out in the state of the art fitness center and even it had breathtaking views. 

pool time grand velas los cabos review

After kid’s club and before dinner, Emmy and Pete took a dip in the pool. This was one of many moments spent floating the day away. If you are traveling with children, it is good to know that the pool has three levels. The top is a kid’s pool (with a swim-up bar). The middle is a family pool with a hot tub, and the bottom level features a disappearing edge, another swim-up bar and is exclusively for adults. I love that they are situated like this because it means the perfect vacation for everyone.

While you are spending time at the pool your every need is attended too. From drinks, towels, bottles of water engulfed by fresh ice, and meal service from the poolside ceviche restaurant, you will want for nothing. There is also a little kid pool, splash pad and play area for younger children so even though the beach is not swimmable, you won’t feel like you are missing anything on your vacation. Plus the strong surf just makes for better ambiance sounds from the roaring ocean. 

My only regret is not finding a way to bottle up the sound to bring home with me. We all agreed we slept better than we ever have while listening to the waves in the background.

Los Cabos beach

Dinner our first night was at Lucca, the Italian restaurant. The setting was so memorable with a view of the ocean as the sun started to fade into the night. We ended up eating here twice during our stay because we loved it so much. Each of the specialty restaurants has a chef from the area of the restaurant’s focus ensuring a truly remarkable meal. 

I’ll have more about the dining, but here is a little more directly from Grand Velas Los Cabos.

Culinary Magic At Our Restaurants In Los Cabos

Enjoy pure sensory pleasure at our collection of casual and fine dining restaurants. Indulge in a multi-course tasting menu presented by our two Michelin star Head Chef Sidney Schutte. Explore global gourmet cuisine at Piaf (French), Lucca (Italian) and Frida (Mexican). Enjoy delicious Wagyu beef and fresh-caught seafood straight from the sea to your plate at Velas 10 and Cabrilla. Take in an al fresco breakfast, lunch or dinner at family-friendly Azul. We have redefined Cabo San Lucas dining.


I would have loved to share more of the beautifully presented cuisine, but with the ambiance lighting from the moon, the light was at a minimum. I did manage to capture this one dish.

grand velas los cabos dining

Since Emmy was served her meal first (they think of everything here) she was able to go back to the kid’s club while we enjoyed the rest of our food. After dinner, we walked over and picked her up, and she was so excited to show us the t-shirt she made. The kid’s club staff are all highly trained and very in tune with the children they are hosting. They noticed that we were in the middle of our meal and offered to bring her back to our room or the restaurant to enhance our evening experience. The attention to detail and personal care at each moment of our vacation kept impressing me!

review kid's club grand velas los cabos

We all fell fast asleep within seconds of our heads hitting our pillows back in our room dreaming of all the fun we were going to have on day two at the resort. Here is a complete video of day one at Grand Velas Los Cabos. Our day two post will be up tomorrow, so be sure to come back to see more of our Cabo adventure!

Do your kid’s look forward to kid’s clubs too?

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