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Renaissance Indian Wells Review

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Renaissance Indian Wells Luxury Family Staycation

Last month we all loaded up into the family car, and after a quick 1 1/2 drive, we arrived at a little piece of paradise called Renaissance Indian Wells for an overnight staycation in Indian Wells California. This is located in the general Palm Springs area.

Indian Wells Staycation

We traveled through the hills to get there while we each scanned the mountain side for bighorn sheep. Well all of us except for Pete did that, he was driving. Sadly, we didn’t see any on this trip, but we will keep looking because we had such a great time that we are already planning to go back!

palm springs resorts

The resort is a family vacation dream! Even if you just hung out by the awesome pool you would love it here. But there is still so much more!

luxury socal family getaway

When we arrived we were greeted with smoothies and piña coladas to enjoy during our tour of the resort. I love when we take tours first thing because then I know that I’m not going to miss something to share when we are doing our write ups. Since Pete and I rarely drink, we both looked at each other unsure what to do. I mean it would be totally rude not to drink the piña colada right? We didn’t want to be rude so we each took a sip, and then another and well you get the picture. This was the best piña colada I have ever had and you must get one when you stay here. It was that good!

Oh… the girls loved their smoothies too!

luxury vacation palm springs

We stayed in connecting rooms. One with a king sized bed and the other with two queen beds. 

resorts for kids palm springs

Emmy loved the extra surprises that were waiting for her!



I love Aveda and so does my skin, so I was thrilled to see these toiletries. 

Aveda toiletries

We all loved the room service delivery too!

room service

After we were settled into our rooms, Pete and the girls went down to the pool and I escaped for an hour of relaxation in the spa where I had one of the most unique massages. Instead of massaging certain parts of your body at a time, this massage was a whole body experience where they start at the top and work down in one stroke. It was unlike any massage I’ve ever had before. 

spa esmeralda

I loved the spa decor!

spa treatments

Then it was time for dinner. We had the pleasure of dining at SPC – Sirocco Pizza Company.

SPC – Sirocco Pizza Company offers authentic Italian dining in the heart of Indian Wells. Our signature restaurant serves wood-fired pizza, DIY cheese and charcuterie boards, and an assortment of quintessential Italian favorites.



The food was delicious! If you love sushi, I have heard wonderful things about GLO Sushi too, which is located within the resort.

glo sushi indian wells

To keep things really real, I wanted to share that this staycation was memorable in more ways than I imaged it would be.

During dinner ,I felt so relaxed by the massage that I was pretty shocked when I started to feel twinges of pain. As dinner progressed I started to feel more and more pain and I finally had to excuse myself and go up to our room. I have never been more thankful for a comfortable bed to rest on. Pete and the girls made their way back up to our rooms and after a few hours of non stop pain we decided to go to the hospital. We didn’t say anything to the staff except to ask for our car to be brought up, and I could tell that they could see that there was a problem, and I will forever be thankful for them getting our car so quickly! After spending the night in the hospital, I was released. The cause of all this pain was a kidney stone! I had passed some years ago so it wasn’t completely unexpected, but my oh my… that wasn’t fun!


The next morning Pete took Emmy the girls swimming while I rested in the room. I was so bummed to miss the fun that I could see from our balcony… and especially our cabana that I had been waiting to enjoy, but I was so thankful that if this had to happen, it was at such a nice resort where we felt so well taken care of.

I’m always asked what happens when you get sick on vacation, and thankfully we have only had a couple instances in all our travels, but this was the best possible scenario for it to happen.


As we were getting ready to leave we also came upon this guy! So cool.


Renaissance Indian Wells has a lot of family friendly activities available for their guests. There are movies under the stars and a kids club too! 

Are you planning any staycations this summer?

Thank you to Renaissance Indian Wells for hosting our stay. All opinions, photographs, and videos of the properties are ours.

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  • Lovely. Just lovely. Everything seems to be well thought-out, no wonder you guys love it. And I a not surprised that there are tons of guests. The pina colada is quite unique for a welcome drink, most or regular hotels and/or resort spas just give out tea or juice so the pina colada is plus points for me.

  • Nice stay! I like the ambiance of this hotel, so relaxing and the drinks too!

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