Our Dog Really Is Their Best Friend

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I’m so happy to announce that my partnership with Beneful as part of their #FriendsOfBeneful project.

playing with dog

Because childhood is full of learning, it comes with some really great highs and some tough earned lows. One thing that helps keep everything in perspective is to have a buddy at home that is always happy to see you no matter what the day brought. Hard test at school? Drop your book bag and everything fell out? Feeling a bit lonely? There is a dog for that!

our dog

Our dog Rufus is more like a best friend than a household pet. He’s one of us and always has our back. This is what after school looks like at our home. Emmy and Rufus doing laps around the house…

playing with dogs

Hanging out and cuddling on the grass… reading a book under the trees, and just being there for each other no matter what.  Having watched all three of my girls grow up, but take completely different paths along the way, one thing that has rung true for all of them is their love of this guy. I’ve seen him sit and listen to them share their day, cheer them up when the tears started to fall, and go for a run with them when they wanted to get some exercise, but didn’t want to be alone. He is the real MVP in our home.

why dogs are important friends

Because he treats us so well, we always want to treat him just as well back. 

Surprisingly, Rufus isn’t that food motivated. He eats when he is hungry, but he’s not one to even remind us when his bowl is empty. He’d much rather just hang out. Because of this, I know that I have to make every bite that he eats count. He deserves the good stuff. Our friends over at Beneful just shared that meat is now the #1 ingredient in Beneful’s beef and chicken dry foods and asked us to let Rufus try out the new recipe. We happily obliged. 


I tore open the bag and Rufus was instantly interested.

purina beneful

He pulled out all the tricks trying to get Pete to get the food poured in his bowl as quick as possible!

summertime dog play

For a dog that doesn’t care much for meal time he was very excited…

happy dog

new dog food

And he ate the bowl clean! I think he could definitely tell that this was the good stuff! Emmy even kept a couple pieces that she found in the bowl as treats and had him rolling over to get them! Those two have such a great relationship and could play together all day long!

dog food with meat as the first ingredient

I’m so excited for you all to try the new Beneful too! You can sign up for a free sample of the new Beneful Originals with Beef recipe here and then you can share your experience with a rating on!

Do you have a best buddy dog at home too?

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