Oh, June!

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I’m back with the recap of our life in the month of June 2019. I’m sharing my personal cell phone pictures for a look into our everyday life. Thanks for joining me in this little look back!

Oh, June, where do I start?

We started June at our beach house and made the absolute most of our time left here. Our kitten, Moon, was a bit clingy this month because her remaining buddy, Tempo passed away the month before and she also didn’t appreciate that we were in Hawaii for an extended period that month. Pretty much anytime I was not moving, she had to be on me or laying next time me touching. It was like having a baby in the home again.

It is a good thing she is cute because this got real old, real fast!

The girls went to the fair every day since it was just a 5 or so minute walk away…

And we all went for beach walks at night.

This was my favorite part of living at the beach. The access to walkable stretches of space was amazing!

We also got some work in too! 

We had the famous Dallin Need filming a bunch of videos for us to roll out over the coming weeks.

I’m really excited to share these because they cover topics that are really important to me, like how we school our girls and about starting and running an online business… plus a lot of other aspects! I can’t wait to hear if you all love them too!

And before we knew it, we were back at the old house celebrating Ashley’s 17th birthday. 

She is such an amazing person. She makes my head spin when I think about just how responsible, caring, driven and kind she is. I just love this kid to pieces!

Then the next day we were on the road again!

We flew up to Seattle and then onto Vancouver Island. We had to leave at 3 am for our flight, but we were in Victoria, BC by 2 pm so it was worth the early wake-up call.

PS. One thing I have been pretty serious about is getting premium seats on flights now. With as much flying as we do, I really believe that being able to stretch out is very important. It is maybe not as important for the girls, but it keeps my flying anxiety down having them close by.

I know this is a splurge, but for us, accommodations, personal tours, and premium seats are how we travel. I’m seeing more and more families also valuing this so I’ll be documenting more details about this.

This time it was Delta First Class, but the seats were the typical domestic ones. Much more legroom, a wider seat, but not lay flat or anything like that.

The flight from San Diego to Seattle was just about 2 1/2 hours and the one from Seattle to Victoria was about 30 min. Both were pretty smooth and went by very quickly.

I love the view from above, and the sunset our first night was pretty perfect too!

The first day or two in Victoria we actually drove from our vacation rental into town each time we went, just because it felt unfamiliar and more comfortable to have the car with us… but we soon stopped taking it and just walked everywhere.

Our place is .6 miles to the downtown harbor and doesn’t even feel that far away. I can’t gush about how much we have fallen in love with the area and how walkable it is. 

Pete and I have gotten into a pretty good schedule here too.

He gets up, we have coffee, he and Ash go to CrossFit while I log in a couple of hours of work. I get ready for the day when he gets back and he does some work then he gets ready and we go out for breakfast and to get Bubble Tea and coffee for me.

Then we head back for more work time until the late afternoon.

We head back into town and get something to eat with the girls and head back home for a couple more hours of work. It is the best of so many worlds here.

The kids have museums, parks, activities, food, and fun to occupy their time while Pete and I are working on some big projects. I don’t want this time to end. It is so perfect! 

One of our favorite breakfast places in Victoria, BC is the Parliamentary Dining Room.  

We didn’t have reservation either time we went and had no problem getting in. This is really one of those secret gems that are in plain sight, but people don’t realize is even there.

You go through security and are actually in the building eating where the politicians do!

The food is good and the price is unimaginably reasonable! I think this was our most reasonably priced meals our whole time we have been here… and we haven’t found Victoria to be expensive at all, especially with the favorable exchange rate for us Americans.

Em has also been catching up on her reading.

We open the door up to feel the ocean breeze and enjoy the fresh air!

In true tourist fashion (we are here for 30 days, but still totally tourists) we have been hitting all the touristy places.

Every single day I have taken a picture here. I just can’t get enough of it… especially when it is lit up at night. It is stunning!

So that was June. As you can tell, we have not been suffering in the So Cal heat… we have been having the time of our lives up here in Canada. July is set to be pretty spectacular too with most of the month being in Victoria and then back home to San Diego for a couple of weeks before we leave for a couple of months in Europe. Life just keeps getting better and better! 

‘Till next month friends!


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      • I just joined but it has been a bit hard for me to start the blog. I really don’t know anything about this. God will give me the guidence to learn from you and everyone one in the group. Blessings to all. Thank you.

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