Modern Mom Wins With The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro

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modern mom wins with lenovo

I feel like my life is a balancing act. Much like most modern moms today.

We are working and advancing in our careers, while still being hands on moms who don’t want to miss a single moment. That means that I am a multi-tasking machine! Seriously, that is what I call myself and my fellow moms. We might be sitting in the pickup line at school waiting for our children, but at the same time we are answering emails and planning dinner. Going for a walk or jog means answering phone calls and keeping up on the latest news in our industry via pod casts.

When I think about how lucky modern moms are I feel a sense of joy knowing that with the right tools and support, we can do anything… and still be awesome moms!


My biggest mom win comes from the technology I carry. 

After got the new Lenovo Yoga 3 PRO I went out and bought a new purse that could fit my new laptop. It is thin enough that I just take it everywhere with me. The battery lasts a long time too which helps being able to use it on the go without having to worry about finding an outlet to plug into. I have an internet card that I carry with me too! It’s not just a laptop either, it’s also a tent, stand and tablet which makes it so convenient to use!

lenovo loga 3 review

It’s also really good looking.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a laptop as stylish, but the Lenovo Yoga 3 PRO is! I love the hinge on it! It was inspired by a watch, and features 813 hand-assembled pieces of aluminum and steel. It comes in Clementine orange, brushed gold, and light silver. I love my brushed gold one so much that I bought covers for my cell phone and other electronics to match it. I can’t believe I just admitted that… but really look at how beautiful it is and all the things it can do!

It also doesn’t hurt that Ashton Kutcher is one of Lenovo’s product engineers and worked with Lenovo to promote this round of YOGA launches. Just saying.

lenovo yoga 3 slim

My Lenovo has already been on a cruise, a train, a long road trip, to the spa, breakfast, lunch and dinner (multiple times) and hangs out with me on the couch every night! It’s the perfect companion (don’t tell Pete I said that… although he is pretty awesome too!).

It’s just a really great laptop that helps me do more.

Which is pretty much what we we all want right? Get more done, and get it done quickly and then spend more time with family… isn’t that what modern moms really want right? Well… that and marathon TV watching, which by the way, the Lenovo rocks at. The picture quality is amazing… 

modern mom wins

I think it even makes my desk look better and more enticing. I’d even go so far as to say that it makes me want to get more work done. 

modern mom essentials

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  • I am in the market for a new laptop and this model has the versatility I am seeking.

  • The projector on it would allow me to be able to create a drive in “theater” in the driveway on summer evenings for the kids. That would definitely boost my coolness points. The more coolness points you get, the easier life is ūüėČ

  • This would help me so much with my work. I have to make frequent notes and it’s hard on my phone so this tablet would be amazing.

  • would allow me to work on my blog and to help my son out with his school work and manage to say hi to family better and would be awesome

  • this would help me at work, with its speedy processor… and at home, i would love the tablet and bendy functions so i could watch my shows on netflix!!

  • This would help me get more work done with it’s fast processor! I would love to play games and watch videos on it as well. I haven’t owned a new laptop in a long time!

  • It would help me because I could take it to work for projects then bring home for my son and family to use.

  • More in touch with technology and another way to communicate with my children if I had to.

  • This would help me out by giving me the most up to date and latest technology for home, work, play and on the go tasks.

  • A Yoga would help me get my newest blog going and I love that I would be able to take it most anywhere!

  • Lenovo would help me to get away from my bedroom where my present desktop computer is and be out and about while accessing my email and staying in touch. It would also help me to access my recipes online while in the kitchen rather than to have to print them from the desktop.

  • It would help out when I’m on-the-go. The laptop I currently use is ridiculously heavy and not something you really want to carry far.

  • I would be helped by this tablet because I am always busy homeschooling, cooking, checking in with family far away, etc. My daughter could be an active participant with the tablet also because of some of the features.

  • This would be so wonderful for this busy mom. Between three kids and being a caregiver for my mom with Lewy Body Dementia, this would help keep me organized. It would help keep the kids entertained on visits to mom. Help me stay in touch and keep life organized. What an awesome giveaway

  • The Yoga would enable me to stay on top of organizing and sharing photos of my toddler. I take so many and rarely have the chance to sit down at a computer to organize and share them with friends and family. The portability of the Yoga would give me a better shot of accomplishing these tasks!

  • The Lenovo Yoga 3 with it’s different modes of tablet, stand and tent would help me to be more productive and multi-task more and I’d be able to use it easily in all areas of the house and outside the house too instead of being bogged down with a heavy laptop. Thanks for the amazing giveaway ūüôā

  • The Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO would help me get away from my desktop computer which is the only internet connection I have.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • We could definitely use something like this for work and fun, it looks so convenient for lots of things with the ease of portability and the battery life.

  • It would help me learn about new tech, be connected on the go and show movies whereever I want

  • My precious daughter lives far away and without a decent computer we would not be able to stay as connected to each others lives as we try to. We email constantly, exchange pictures to share our daily experiences, skype when we can, and use instant messaging and social media to stay in constant touch with each other and family. For me, this is where a great laptop comes in, with ease of use, great video quality and audio, and super fast response time. A new laptop would be wonderful!

  • This would help my mother so much as the laptop she has now is very slow and very old-(6yrs). With the newer laptop the pictures of her grandkids would load up much quicker and she could find her knitting patterns much faster!

  • hello! winning the lenovo would make my life so much more easier as I pursue my masters degree this fall (starting august 2015) at the University of Houston- Downtown! I graduated in dec 2014 with my bachelors degree and i am on my way to getting that masters. The lenovo would help me in school and I would not have to worry about charging it since the battery last much longer than any other laptop. I love that it is very thin and will conveniently fit into my backpack or purse. This is such an amazing giveaway! I was totally blown away that Ashton Kutcher (the Fez!) has a lot to do with this laptop.

  • I love my Lenovo laptop but it’s 8yrs old and doesn’t even have apps so I’m limited on what I can do with it. For example I can’t access, create or navigate instagram with it. I have to use my phone that has apps to do that. I would use this for our garage business to keep it running smoothly from record keeping to accepting payments. I would use it to cook meals by utilizing the hanger option to view recipes. I’d use it to have back yard drive-in movies for family & friends. We have a huge field for this and actually a projector has been on my amazon wish list all year!
    My family also does geocaching for a hobby and this would come in so handy for this. I could hang it up to help me with gardening ideas too. I can’t think of one thing that I wouldn’t use this for except maybe to drive my car or do my dishes. It’s perfect in every way, shape & form~!

  • Being a mother and real estate professional that works very long hours has become quite the balancing act (and believe me when I say, I’m no gymnast!). The Lenovo pro looks like it is just what I need to stay on track. It is small enough to throw in my bag to take pictures of my kids at their sporting events (because my phone always seems to die), send emails on the fly, and keep the kids entertained. I don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly think this seems like quite the investment!!!

  • I am trying to become more organized. I have been using my phone and a small file system but I need a lot more help. Organization has never been a strong point for me.

  • It would help my modern mom life by letting me be able to check emails and blog on the go. My daughter has many appointments and activities so this would be fabulous to have on the go without the huge bulk of hauling around my big laptop.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  • This¬†mom¬†will¬†be¬†organised¬†of¬†course,¬†as¬†a¬†mom¬†of¬†four,¬†my¬†calender¬†synced¬†with¬†my¬†email¬†is¬†important.¬†I¬†share¬†it¬†with¬†hubby¬†so¬†he¬†knows¬†whats¬†up.¬†I¬†too,¬†love¬†to¬†enjoy¬†music¬†while¬†I¬†am¬†cleaning,¬†cooking¬†and¬†working¬†out,,¬†This¬†baby¬†is¬†perfect¬†for¬†movie¬†nights¬†of¬†course..¬†I¬†will¬†also¬†benefit¬†for¬†my¬†baking,¬†as¬†i’m¬†always¬†looking¬†for¬†new¬†recipes,¬†flavors¬†and¬†diy’s¬†!

  • This would help me stay organized with our household chaos and work while on the go. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • The Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO would function as this modern mom’s personal assistant. It would help me to organize family activities & work projects and it would be a fantastic tool for staying connected and sharing our adventures.

  • The Yoga would be awesome for getting work done when I can’t be at my desk! And I love the tent feature so I can easily watch movies and clips! The long battery life would keep me going all day long – which is super important to me!

  • I think this would be awesome for my hubby to use on the go for his small business!

  • The Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO would help make our lives easier, easier to see recipes when cooking and baking and keeping up with everything on the go!

  • The Lenovo YOGA 3 PRO would help any modern person’s life because its a 2 in 1 laptop, that’s light enough to be carried anywhere and multifunctional enough that it can do it all anywhere too! I love the tent feature for watching or streaming videos and movies, and that this YOGA 3 PRO is light enough to carry as a tablet while still usable as a laptop for your desk too! Thank you!!

  • The Lenovo yoga 3 pro would enable me to streamline my personal life as well as professional life. Every one in my family would benefit from this because it has so many functions!! It’s lightweight so able to be carried anywhere, even by little hands.

  • To be able to take my work everywhere I go and not have multiple devices would help my organization so much…

  • this would be awesome… just the fact that is so light and I can take all my work everywhere.

  • The yoga 3 would take me into tech and design inspiration I am sorely lacking these days.

  • I am going back to school and need to get more training so that I can compete in today’s world. I, also, need a computer to do those classes on. This would be a prayer answered.

  • I think it would truly help plan my days better, plus it would allow me to work when at the doctors office or games

  • I think I could get so so much more done. I for sure would get more organized. My current laptop has some well issues and the battery does not stay charged so it is not really portable. I would love to have something I could take every where with me.

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