It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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Maddie and I are up in Los Angeles at BlogHer right now. It is in the LA Live area, right by Staples Center. This area is really hopping at all times of the day, and Maddie and I love the energy here. It has been a very fun 24 hours so far, with very little sleep. I just keep thinking that life is for adventures and having fun. We can sleep later!

red carpet

That made getting up even earlier than normal so much easier, that and knowing I was going to a special breakfast with Staples. It is no secret that I consider this time of year a holiday. I love office supplies and back to school shopping. I really do. I’ve never been able to say no to mechanical pencils and I’m slap happy about markers. Throw a new folder and paper clips at me and we will be friends forever. Maddie also inherited this love of mine. She gets just as giddy, so when our friends at Staples invited me to breakfast and to help share the breakfast event with all of you, I jumped at the opportunity!

staples live

After a strong cup of coffee I was ready to party. Armed with my laptop, camera and so much excitement to learn all about Staples’ back to school offerings, I was in my happy place. 

office supplies

I had the opportunity to preview some of the awesome back to school products that Staples is carrying and I wanted them all! These above are my favorites and I want the whole collection on my desk in my office!

back to school sale

low price guarantee


Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Staples surprised us all with an interactive, engaging and informative talk show on all things back-to-school.

It was hosted by Megan Telles of Celebrity Page TV, with some celebrity moms we all know, actress and model, Lori Loughlin and world-renowned athlete, TV personality, New York Times bestselling author and model, Gabrielle Reece. 

Staples Live Blog Her

We were all entertained and educated on everything there is to know about back-to-school. From what’s trending in school tools to ways to get organized, to how to save on supplies. I really felt like I was ready for back to school at the end of the event.

1 million to support classrooms

We also learned about some that all parents should definitely take advantage of. Staples has a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee on their back-to-school needs, which is really going to help streamline back to school shopping!

After the event, I brought Maddie some cool office supplies. She is definitely my daughter. She loves this time of year too!

easy back to school shopping with staples

Have you done your back to school shopping?

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  • Looks like you had a blast during that event! It would be nice to attend something like this, I go crazy over school supplies, I don’t know why.

  • Wow. I wish we can have Staples here. It would be so nice to have a back to school shopping.

  • We haven’t went back to school shopping yet. Still waiting on the list that the school hands out telling us what we need to buy.

  • Looks like a great event. When my son was in school I would shop at Staples for school supplies.

  • Back to school shopping has always been a bit of a love/hate thing for me. I LOVE actually looking for all the cool new looks in clothing, backpacks, etc. I HATE when I hit that checkout!

  • We are totally done with the shopping this year! School are starts early so I needed to be done. Looks like it was a great event!

  • looks like a super fun event. I don’t have a school age child yet, but I will evenaturally and I kinda can’t wait since I love shopping for my daughter!

  • I love back to school shopping. I do however think I love it more than my kiddos and can’t wait to get started. Ours go back sept 6th so we are heading out next week to shop till we drop!

  • I totally understand your love of office supplies. There are so many things I want to buy from Staples. I could spend hours there. Thankfully, my son’s school is supplying the majority of the supplies this year.

  • We have just started our back to school shopping, but only tackled clothes and not supplies. Thankfully we have a Staples nearby to make it easy!

  • Even as a child I loved back to school shopping. I find any excuse to buy something new that has to do with re-organizing my desk (or my husband’s).

  • Sounds like a great event. School starts next week and we’ve done some shopping but waiting til school starts to see what he really needs vs the generic school list.

  • Looks like an amazing event to attend. Glad you had a great time. The captures are great!

  • I always forget about Staples for back to school supplies, but lately they’re having the best deals! Time to check them out.

  • That looks like a great event for back to school! I love Staples and head there for all of my school supplies.

  • I’m not in school anymore, but I absolutely LOVE school/office supplies. I would have loved to go to this event, I would be like a little kid in a candy store!

  • Sounds like Staples has all of us covered for back to school. As a former teacher, I still get happy butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going school supply shopping. It is always my favorite time of year!

  • Office supplies are fun and staples always has some cool ones and great deals. Blogher looks like it was a lot of fun!

  • My Daughter and I have been preparing for her to move seven hours away for University. We need to go to Staples this week for more supplies.

  • Staples is a great place to get back to school supplies. We have a trip planned for this weekend to start back to school shopping.

  • We just started our back to school shopping today. I will have to go to Staples to pick up new backpacks and supplies.

  • This is the first year I do not have a child in school. My Daughter just graduated College in June. We always go to Staples for all our home office supplies.

  • All this back to school shopping can make me pretty stressful at times. But hey, someone’s gotta do it, am I right!

  • Back-to-School is like a holiday for me too! I can’t keep myself out of Staples at this time of year because they have so many great things at great prices!

  • Back to school shopping is definitely a fun time of year because everything is new and fresh! This looks like it was such a fun event.

  • Now, this is my kind of event! I’m so glad you were able to attend and looks like you had a great time as well! Thanks for sharing your experience! I would have loved to attend this event!

  • Wonderful time indeed! We haven’t gone back to school shopping yet. Soon…and I can hardly wait! Shopping always excites me.

  • What a fun time it looks like you had! My daughter started school back last week! It seems earlier and earlier every year lol!

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