Disney Cruise- Halloween On The High Seas

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Back with part two of our amazing Halloween on the High Seas- Disney Cruise out of San Diego! We are so happy that our friends at Disney hosted us for this wonderful weekend of fun!

Our mornings on the Disney Wonder started with coffee, of course! We didn’t just enjoy the coffee bar in the morning though we also stopped in at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening. We had a lot to do on the ship and coffee made sure we did as much as we did!

Plus, look at that Mickey in my coffee! The magic is EVERYWHERE on the ship. 

After Pete and I had coffee, we met up with the girls for breakfast and then it was time for a Halloween dance party.

I love how they transformed the ship into the ultimate Halloween celebration. This was just one of the fun, themed things to do! Emmy wore her costume and danced with all the characters as they rotated through the crowd so all the kids could dance with them all.

When we got back to our room we had a special surprise waiting too! These were so delicious!

During our cruise, we depended heavily on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.

We used it to message each other, keep up with all the fun activities being offered, and to see daily specials, like the lava special below! Yum!

I’m sure you have heard of the famous Disney pizza right?

Well, did you know they can make it vegan? Maddie and I had it that way and the rest of the family enjoyed the original with melty cheese and toppings! 

For dinner, we ate at Tiana’s Place. It was fantastic! As with all Disney dining onboard the ship, it is just as much food as it is experience and fun!

But let me tell you, the food was fantastic! 

There was live entertainment, dancing, singing and the servers all took part in the grand finale parade through the dining room!

Emmy and all the other children had so much fun!

Because we were only onboard for a couple nights, Pete and I doubled up on dinner. To do this we had to go light on dinner number one and two, but it was totally worth it since dinner number two was at Palo, the adult-exclusive restaurant for those 18+. It is an additional fee and so worth it. 

We started our meal with an antipasto cart wheeled to our table where we were able to choose our favorites. 

Then we had a fresh salad and ravioli and about a gazillion other things.

The menu is what you would expect at a fine dining establishment and it was fun getting dressed up for the evening. We didn’t have enough room left to indulge in dessert, and I recommend that you make sure that you plan better than we did. They are known for their desserts for a reason!

After our dinner(s) we finally had a couple of minutes to take Emmy swimming.

There was no way we were going to go on a Disney Cruise and not enjoy the pools! It turned out to be the best time to go. Em got to watch a movie while swimming!

See those slides? We are totally going on those next time!

While we were at dinner, the girls went and saw FROZEN A MUSICAL SPECTACULAR.

One word- AMAZING! They loved it! It was like the movie they love came alive! If we had been on the ship even one day more we all would have gone to see it again!

None of us wanted to go to sleep that night, but we were exhausted from packing in so much fun that we knew it was time. We were feeling a bit bummed that our time on the ship was coming to an end, but walking into our cabin and seeing chocolates and this bear waiting for us was just what we needed! Our room steward even stopped by to teach Emmy how to make one herself. Everywhere you turn there are magical moments like that!

The great thing about taking a Disney Cruise is that the fun isn’t over until the very last moment. Before disembarking, all guests are treated to one last full meal in the dining room. I love that our cruise ended that way. It was just perfect!

We can’t wait for our next Disney Cruise!

Have you been on a Disney Cruise?

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