Grand Velas Los Cabos With Kids Review Day 2

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grand velas cabo

Day two at our travel partner Grand Velas Los Cabos started with a room service delivery of piping hot coffee and green smoothies. With the in-room Nespresso makers, we didn’t really need to call for coffee, but it was so delicious that we did anyways. Plus, the green juice was pretty fantastic too. Some of my favorite moments on vacation are waking up and enjoying my coffee on our balcony overlooking the ocean and this was one of my favorites. Making it even better was being able to hear the crashing waves. It was so peaceful and serene.  


After coffee, or as I like to say “first breakfast” we set off to Azul for breakfast. This ended up being where we ate each morning and it was a truly remarkable way to start our day. Although it is a buffet set up, it is unlike most others in that the food is all made in small batches for a fresh and luxurious culinary experience. Really, all of the dining here was at a higher level. 


Plus having it situated almost on the beach elevates the whole experience while still feeling casual enough for kids of all ages.


After breakfast Emmy was excited to head to the kid’s club. 

That really isn’t an accurate description. She was desperate to go back. There was so much to do and with such an attentive staff she was dreaming all night of what fun she would have the next day. After we dropped her off, Pete and I decided to explore the resort more.

pool view

We walked along the walkways and found an oasis to sit and relax. This area is also used for private parties, weddings, and other events. For us, it was the perfect spot to see so much from above. Every which way I looked I saw bright blue and aqua colored waters staring back at me.



resort review

view down beach

Soon it was time for lunch so we picked Emmy up from the kid’s club.

The only way we could get her to happily agree to leave was to take her to the splash pad. She had such a great time here. There is a shallow pool for the little ones along with water sprouts and other water attractions. Right past this area are a couple of play structures that Ashley took her to a few times over our stay. 

grand velas los cabos splash pad

water fun for kids

We were all still full from breakfast so we opted to have a light lunch in our suites. The girls love room service (what kid or teen doesn’t?), so we ordered in. Even the room service here is over the top! The complimentary room service is available 24 hours a day and is one of the most extensive room service menus around. Plus, if there is something that isn’t listed on the menu, they still try to accommodate your requests. 

view of los cabos

On our way to our room, we stopped at the coffee bar in the lobby for lattes and Americanos. We loved the coffee, but I secretly think that Pete and I also loved this view just as much and were trying to find any reason we could to enjoy it.


Our room service order… I didn’t get a picture of the girls’ order because it was already delivered and enjoyed before we even had a chance to get our cameras out.

grand velas room service

Pete and I spent a little bit of time getting caught up on work and then we all went swimming. I keep looking back on how productive we were working while we were here. It was equal parts that it was such an inspiring environment and also that since we were responsible for nothing but having a great time, we could focus on work and then get back to fun.

working on vacation


The pools are the perfect temperature too. I have no idea how they do that, but they seem to anticipate even that!

teens club

Maddie and Ash left the pool early and we met them at the teen’s club a bit later. 

grand velas teen club

Pete and I were talking about how this would have been our dream place as a teen. They had everything you could imagine! 

teen club

Snacks, drinks, pool tables, air hockey, a dance floor, video games, little open rooms to hang out in, and so much more. We even saw teens having room service delivered straight to the club!

activities for teens

At this point, I was ready to find a nice spot on the beach to sit and relax, but Ashley had other ideas. She did a balcony workout the first day, but after seeing the gym, she made a point of going there for her future exercise needs. The lighting wasn’t my friend at this time in the day, so you can’t see this in the pictures, but this spot had a full ocean view. Ash has worked out in some pretty awesome places, like on the top of a bungalow gym in Jamaica, but she said this is the best view she has ever had… and the equipment was everything she needed and more!

grand velas gym

After showers, t was time for dinner. The time goes by so quickly here.


We ate at Lucca again because it was so good the night before. It was also the casual, family-friendly restaurant for the night. We had planned to go to one of the adult restaurants while we were there too… but we never made it. We are totally the type that if we really like a place, we will eat there over and over again. That just means we need to go back to try the other restaurants, right? Since we chose to eat as the sun was setting, this was the only picture I could take. It was too dark to capture the rest of the meal. This was the tomato Caprese salad. The name doesn’t do it justice. Pete and Ash are in love with this. 

tomato salad

Emmy ordered her food first and our wonderful wait staff rushed it to her because she had an amazing experience waiting for her. It was movie night at the kid’s club. But it wasn’t just any movie night, this was movie night under the stars. I might have made that name up… but oh my! This is something she will remember forever! 

As soon as Emmy was done eating, Pete walked her over to the play area by the splash pad where she had an epic time! All-day the staff has been setting this up. There was a huge screen set up with kid and adult-sized lounge chairs, pillows, and blankets waiting to be enjoyed. The kids are also treated to a full spread of movie snacks and party favors. 


Even though Emmy was one of only a handful of kids and the only one even there that night, they still put the show on. That is the level of service here. We walked over to the movie after we finished eating and found one of the caring kid’s club staff members hanging out right with her and they were laughing together at the silly movie scenes. 


I decided to stay and watch the movie with her for the last few minutes. 


It was such a wonderful day! 

cabo nightlife

Pete and I enjoyed a drink on our balcony and this view before falling fast to sleep ourselves. Emmy, Ash, and Maddie were all asleep long before Pete and I even moved back into our room. It was the natural sleep machine sound coming from the ocean! I still wish I could have bottled that up and brought it home with me.

Here is a link to our Day 2 video review of Grand Velas Los Cabos.

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