Swissotel Hotels & Resorts Review

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When I was researching places to stay I stumbled upon Swissotel Hotels & Resorts. Swissotel is a global hotel brand (with Swiss roots) that has properties worldwide. In addition to being located in some beautiful, locations they also offer some perks that make traveling that much better. Thank you to Swissotel for sponsoring this post.


Once I started learning more about Swissotel, I was pretty excited to find a hotel that values keeping physically fit while you are traveling as much as Swissotel Hotels & Resorts does. 

They even have a whole vitality in movement program in place to accomplish this. From being able to exercise in your guest room, to jogging maps and walking guides, they have something for everyone. 

This is an example of a vitality card that is available at their Berlin location.

Pete and Ashley get up early no matter where we are to go exercise, and so that they don’t wake the rest of us up… they always do it at another location. They don’t always know the area so this would be a huge benefit for us!



I like to exercise in the room while everyone is getting ready for the day so I love that they have In-room exercise cards! There are Pilate moves, yoga, and other exercises outlined that can all be done in your room.

If you like to go for a run to explore a new city and to stay fit, they have jogging maps available for you too! If swimming is more your thing, they have that too! Some even have amazing views!


Swissotel Hotels & Resorts even offers vitality in meetings, coffee breaks, and as an option to exercise during meetings. Speaking of which, they also have fully equipped exercise rooms.


They haven’t forgotten the food either.

Their vitality in cuisine offers vitality inspired dishes including superfoods, juicing, and more!

One thing I can’t wait to experience is their specialty Pürovel products. 

Purovel bath products are inspired by the Alpine seasons. Not surprisingly, their ingredients grow in a Swiss Alpine garden. You can enjoy a shower with one of their shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, or soaps, which are created by mixing essential oils of various Swiss flowers and trees. Smell the scent of a mountain meadow and feel the water massage your soul. Forgotten where you are? Perfect. There’s no better place to be. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Where are you dreaming of visiting next?

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