Why we love boating

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This past year we have really been enjoying having fun on the water in boats. We’ve rented power boats and gone sailing and have plans to go jet skiing later this year. We’ve all decided it’s one of our favorite family activities! 

This past Spring we went on a private whale watching boat ride and it was one of the best memories from our trip. The girls are all still talking about it. We had lunch on the boat while a huge school of dolphins swam and jumped around and then we enjoyed the peace and quiet out on the water. 

We’ve even talked about getting our own boat so that we can go boating more often.

So far we have gone on a power boat and sail boat just for relaxation and to see some sea life… but there are other ways to enjoy the water on a boat like fishing, and watersports on personal watercrafts. My brother and sister in law have a Jet Ski and WaveRunner and we are excited to visit them and have an adventure on them too.

If you’ve thought about boating be sure to visit Discover is a helpful tool for new boaters!

My favorite sections are Get on the Water, where you can learn about ways to have fun on the water without having to buy your own boat… and the Boat Selector for those of us that are ready to look into buying our own, but are not sure what board is best for us. There is so much good info to learn all about boats and boating!


Have you ever been boating?

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  • Boating is the best. I love being in and around the water. I’m one of those people who would totally sell everything she owns and live on a boat for the rest of her live. Thats tiny living in style.

  • Growing up just a short distance from both the Mississippi river and Wisconsin river I would have to say that in the summer we lived on some type of boat. It wasn’t always fancy and our family spent lots of time canoeing too. Boating is so much fun, just make sure you follow all of the safety rules.

  • a dolphin! That would be my dream to see that out in the wild. Oh boy. I love boating, I haven’t been in years though. It’s great fun!

  • I haven’t been boating since I was a kid. i used to go all the time with my grandparents. Your photos are great. Thanks for the share.

  • My husband wants to get a boat. I am excited to get one too next year hopefully!

  • We’ve never tried boating as family, but I would love too. I have no doubt boating is a lot of fun. Hopefully one of these days.

  • It’s my dream to live on the water so we can go boating all the time. There’s just something so fun and relaxing about being on a boat!

  • I haven’t been boating in many years, since I was…. ahh.. maybe 14? I wish I had access to a boat, so I could take the kids out on the lake here and enjoy!

  • I am a total boat gal too!!! Living next to a lake it’s a must! So much fun in the summer!

  • Boating is so much fun. I used to go on my dads boat all the time when I was a kid. I really miss it.

  • I used to go boating a lot when I was a child. This was when my family owned a Pontoon boat. Oh, how I miss those days!

  • I grew up in a town called Lake Arrowhead here in Claifornia and my family had a boat on the lake. I love boating and my husband and I have also talked about it. Very tempting living here in California. He would want to go into the ocean as well as lakes and rivers. Its a lot of work, but would be neat!

  • My husband loves boating. I have a little bit of fear to boat alone, but would love it with family or friends together, which would be a great fun moment. We had one such wonderful experience during last summer.

  • This looks like so much fun! We are tinkering with the idea of getting a boat too around here!

  • I used to go boating on a pontoon boat many years ago, and actually had a chance to go on a bass boat fishing on the Rio Grande River, which is the border between south Texas and Mexico. It was quite an experience.

  • I grew up in a fishing town in Europe so I know how magical it is to spend a lot of time on the water. These are the perfect opportunities to make lasting family memories together.

  • I’ve been a few times since I’ve been in TX and kayaking …..which isn’t technically “boating” but it is a water craft right?! 😉

  • I have not been boating on a large vessel yet, but I have been on a few boating tours before. We rented a speedboat (not a large one though) before and had a lot of fun on the water.

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