Why Our Teen Now Has Her Own Amazon Login

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We are back home from Ashley’s fitness competition in Florida and she is even more determined to up her game to be the absolute healthiest and fittest that she can possibly be.

I love how dedicated she is to this, and as a parent, I want to encourage and offer her as much support as I can, while still supporting her growing independence.  At 15, she is in that really cool stage of adolescence where she is so close to adulthood but still needs our support just as much as she did when she was 5, but in a totally different way. 

When I heard that Amazon recently launched new logins just for teens aged 13-17, I knew that this was something that was going to be awesome and so useful for our teen and our family.

This new feature makes shopping easier and more convenient for both parents and their teens by giving them their very own Amazon login, connected to the parent’s. Since they have their own logins, they also get their own personalized recommendations and the ability to privately browse for what they want and our lists are now separate and private. Then when they’re ready to buy, us parents can agree to the purchase with a quick text reply.

This is HUGE to me.

Ash is so good with money management that I don’t worry about her overspending, but it is still nice to be able to see her purchase before she orders so that I can give some insight and direction, while still allowing her freedom to learn and grow. Parents can also set spending limits and customer permissions to give their teen as little or as much freedom as they want.  So if you don’t want to have to approve every order, you can just set the spending limit and they can order without that text permission up to that amount.

This flexibility to customize it to your individual teen is really useful. It is also really easy to add a teen to your Amazon account for their own login. This is how the Amazon teen login works… You or your teen invites the other and then once the invitation is accepted, you provide your teen’s personal data (name, birthdate and phone number) for them to create their own login. When setting up the teen login, you will be prompted to share a payment method with your teen, however, your teen never sees the full payment information and all purchases made to that card will require your approval.

Your teen can also use gift cards from their own login for payment as well (these orders will still require your approval). That takes just a couple minutes to set up and then they are ready to start shopping. To use their logins, teens download and use the Amazon Shopping app in order to make purchases. Right now it won’t work on desktop, but as Ash does 99% of her shopping on her phone, this works great for her.

Ash used to use our main account all the time to buy her protein powder, workout equipment, and books galore. Having her own login will really help her stay even more organized and plan for her future needs and purchases. 

Since she knows that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, some of her favorite purchases are books that encourage her written by other athletes. She is never without one of her books, and I love that. 

I have so many ideas of ways that we will be using the teen logins for. 

Starting with adding their weekly allowance to Amazon directly to help them understand budgeting their money and finding the best price. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, what Ashley likes the most is that she doesn’t have to wait for me to order things she needs. Now she can shop, it gets sent to me for approval and then ordered quickly and easily. 

That is what it is all about anyway…keeping her going and on this awesome path she is on by allowing her to stay stocked up on all the things that keep her being and doing her best.

One last thing your teen will be excited about is that they also get to enjoy some of your Prime benefits (if you are a member), including… free Two-Day Shipping, Prime video, and Twitch Prime.

Be sure to try out the Amazon teen login with your teens and recommend this to your friends. I think everyone will LOVE it as much as we do! Does your teen shop on Amazon too?

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  • I like how there is a layer of needed the parent to text approval before purchasing. This looks like a step to helping older kids gain independence and responsibility.

  • Uh oh. My son is the perfect age for this, and he just received Amazon gift cards for Christmas, but I took them! I did reimburse him, but next time I can let him manage his own account, thanks for this info!

  • I love this. I think it’s important to start giving some freedom. It teaches valuable skills. Amazon has so many options too, Love that you have shared your experience with having your teen use their own login for Amazon.

  • I keep hearing about this. It’s a great way to teach kids to be independent, but still be able to give them direction.

  • What a fantastic feature for an Amazon obsessed family like ours! This would really come in handy for all of my teen’s many school needs.

  • Awesome! This would give your kids (teens) the chance to learn the importance of spending their money wisely. It is convenient for us parents because our kids can shop on their own and we still have the ability to approve/disapprove of their purchases. I will totally look into this. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Good for you that you’re teaching her responsibilities and independence now. When it’s time for college she will already be used to making good choices and knowing how to manage her online shopping.

  • I love this idea. First I wish Amazon was around when I was a teen, but I am so happy teens can have their own account and parents can approve of purchases.

  • This is a great idea. It teaches teens responsibility while giving them freedom to save and spend. Learning to be responsibility at an early age helps them throughout life!

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