When Your Kids Toilet Paper the Cat You Are TGIBTS (And A Shirt Giveaway)

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I LOVE my kids and I LOVE having them around.

We have had an awesome summer and I was sad to see them go back to school… until I came down stairs and saw The Little One toilet papering the middle one and then the poor cat getting toilet papered too. That is when I knew that they {and I} were ready for back to school time! I’m totally celebrating #TGIBTS with Fruit of the Loom® because they totally get what a celebration time this is! #TGIBTS is Thank Goodness Its Back To School… I think the cat and I are both #TGIBTS!

back to school

This year I decided to Start Happy®! 

Relaxing mid morning break anyone? Can you see the joy in my face?! This was after Fruit of the Loom made me smile when I went shopping earlier in the day. Part of their #TGIBTS celebration is that you can pick up Fruit of the Loom® kids underwear bonus packs that have 3 free pairs at Walmart and Target! That’s reason to celebrate right? Well that and no more wasted toilet paper!


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  • I love to hear the rumble of my daughter’s boyfriend’s truck at 7:30 in the morning. Because it means he is picking my girls up to go to school. Not that I do not love spending time with my girls. But let’s just say I was up bright and early and made a good bye breakfast for all of them.

  • the thing i remember abt getting ready to go back to school was that i was always late going back. i had a horseshow over labor day wkend and my mother was always kind enough to let me miss the first or 2nd day of school. it was a long day, being the show was out of town, so we did not get back to very late or the next day. my mom wrote me a note. i also got to miss classes in sept b/c of another horse show. i got to to do from elementary all the way to high school. my memories of tping was doing a bunch of horse in a field right b4 a horseshow the next day.

  • LOL.. no clue but kids love playing with toilet paper. But I must admit, never seen kids wrapping a cat in toilet paper :p

  • I am happy for my daughter to start school because she is getting bored and needs the interaction but i am sad because this is her first year at school

  • We homeschool so BTS doesn’t affect us quite as much. But I could share loads of stories of hysterical stuff our kids have done.

  • My grandkids started back to school on August 6th. Their parents and I were so happy, we had a party and bbq the day before to celebrate.

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