When Life Happens, Make Sure Your Phone Is Protected

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Mom life can be funny. One minute you are sitting on a tropical beach enjoying your vacation and the next second you are digging in the water that your kid just dropped your precious cell phone into. Thankfully Evo Xplorer is here to protect both your phone and your sanity. Thank you to tech21 for sponsoring this post.

Waterproof. Dirt proof. phone case

I have kids ranging in age from 6 to 16! That sounds pretty crazy to write, but it is even crazier to live… and it brings its own unique benefits and challenges. Pete and I have raised them all to incorporate technology into their lives for the better. Maddie is a master at searching for answers on her phone, and so she always has it with her. I love that we can stay connected better even when I’m traveling for work. Emmy is too young for her own phone, but borrows Maddie’s phone often. Maddie is totally okay with it, as long as her phone has a good protective case on it.


Regular accidents happen to all of us. Our phone can slip out of our hands, we can bump into something with it, and it can just get dusty and dirty from everyday use. All of those things can affect the way that it operates.

And then there are the “not-so-accidental” things that can happen to a phone when your little sister borrows it. From taking it into the pool to take a picture of a leaf that fell in, to using it to bounce a ball on the table… these are all things that Emmy has done to Maddie’s phone just in the past couple of days.

iPhone 6S screen protector

Maddie is such a good sport about it, but she definitely wouldn’t be if she didn’t have a tech21  case on her phone right now. She depends on her phone for school, keeping in touch with friends, helping with this website and social media pages, and she knows that a broken phone is not a good thing.

EVO Explorer

The tech21 Evo Xplorer is Extreme Protection. No Compromise.

Designed to withstand everything life can throw its way, the Evo Xplorer was engineered from the ground up to offer maximum protection without compromise. The case is completely waterproof up to 9.9 feet for up to an hour; combined with FlexShock technology the Xplorer is also dustproof, snow-proof and shockproof. So whether it’s swimming, snowboarding, the sticky hands of a child, or an accidental drop in the bathroom, Evo Xplorer will keep the precious device inside fully protected, perfect for all those moments when #lifehappens.


slim phone case

After using the case for a few days we are really happy with the Evo Xplorer, and we are so happy that her phone is being protected with it.

Here are some of our favorite features of the Evo Xplorer:

  1. It was really easy to put on. It took Pete minutes to have it on and tested.
  2. We still had access to all the ports and functions. We could even use the touch ID and there is a dial that lets you control the ring/silent button.
  3. We felt an extra sense of peace of mind knowing that if we drop the phone it is protected from harm.
  4. It isn’t bulky. It’s sleek and looks nice.
  5. The sound. It doesn’t sound like it has a case on it. The sound is still very clear. Maddie listens to a lot of music and this was her biggest concern.

Learn more about tech21’s Evo Xplorer on their website where you can also purchase one.

Is your cell phone protected?

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  • Love that this case protects against water. I have yet to drop my phone in water, but I always wonder what could happen to it during a rain or snowstorm.

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  • Wow I didn’t know you could buy something like this for your phone. My husband and I have been kayaking and missing out on photo opportunities due to the fear of the water ruining our phones. I keep telling him we need the Lil Wayne phones lol but I guess we can save money and get these, that’s so cool!

  • I learned the hard way (after a broken screen and some water) to always have a good phone case on your phone! I need to check into this one!

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  • It’s no big deal until a phone gets hurt. You can’t undo a crack, that’s for sure.

  • Thank GOD for waterproof cases, seriously! I have a couple of LifeProof cases and they’re the best! I’ve never heard of this brand!

    • Preach on sister! Waterproof cases rule! Even I admit to a bit of clumsiness. You just never know! Getting caught out in the rain is a possibility too!

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  • Ooooo this case sounds fantastic!!! I’m dropping my phone all the time so this would be perfect for me.

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  • My daughter will be starting school with her own smartphone for the first time and making sure it is protected is so important. I need to look into getting a case like this for both her and myself!

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