What Being Unstoppable Really Means

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I've had some time to really think about what being unstoppable means to me and I am sharing all about it today. I have been compensated by, and received information and materials from, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the makers of Children’s MOTRIN®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post.

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I'm sidelined in bed this week.  Not because I want to be, I'd much rather be out on a walk with the rest of them, but because I caught a cold. Not how I wanted to spend the past couple days, but it could be worse. Being forced to take a time out gives you time to really think…. and sneeze over and over again, or maybe that's just me today? In between moments of sleep and feeling like I wanted to go back to sleep, I still did mom things like brush and style hair, read good night stories and work.

Being a mom means that there really are no sick days, and that's okay. It's worth the trade off.


It's crazy what “mom love” can do to you.

First when you are a child from your own mom, and then once you become the mom. What would have knocked me down before becoming a mom does't stand a chance next to me taking care of my girls. I remember one time when Maddie was a baby and she got really sick, and then Pete got really sick, and then I got really sick. There wasn't a choice but to help take care of my family. Before she was born I would have been in bed for days, but seeing her little face (feeling sick herself) gave me the push I need to keep going. I found strength and resilience I didn't even know I had that day. Our house might not have been as clean as I would have liked, and we didn't eat the most luxurious meals, but it didn't matter. We all survived and I really understood what being a mom was all about. 

Now that they are older they are giving me even more motivation during the good and the hard times.

Just thinking about them reminds me what it's all about. What life is all about. And they give it back to me just as much as I've given to them… and more. These past few days that I've been feeling unwell, Ashley has been making sure that I have ice cold water brought to me around the clock so that I'm staying hydrated.  Emmy has been covering me in warm blankets and packages of crackers in case I get hungry. Maddie is the best company ever and has been keeping my spirits up. I'm already feeling better because of them.

What I realized the most these past couple days is that their love is what makes me feel the most unstoppable. It's from them that I find my strength. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I just didn't know how much I would love being a mom…and how much I would love them.


When Emmy and I flew out to New York City to work with Motrin and Kelly Ripa it was another moment that made me realize just what it means to be unstoppable. All moms are unstoppable to our kids. We are in a special club that only moms really understand. There is nothing we wouldn't do for our kids, and nothing is ever going to stop us!


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Do you feel unstoppable too?

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  1. There are days that I defiantly feel unstoppable then there are days that I just rather sleep. I am SO happy to be a mom though that I would do anything for my kiddo!

  2. Being is definitely fulfilling. Their love will make you do things you never imagined you can do. Even at the toughest of times.

  3. Majority of days I really feel unstoppable and its a great feeling to have, but taking me-time also feels great, so I make sure to throw some in every so often.

  4. Everythng I do is for my daughter she makes me unstoppable.. I want to be better and a rolemodel for her.. want her to grow up and truly believe that her mum rocks !!

  5. There are day I feel unstoppable, but there are days I have to really work to convince myself. What a great opportunity. I love this post. Great mother daughter photos.

  6. I definitely get my energy from my kids. I would probably not get as much done in the day if it weren’t for them to be honest. Their love keeps me going. I love love love this campaign from Children’s Motrin so much.

  7. Unstoppable? That’s me! I can still function fairly well even if I am sick with something. I always think about my family, about dinner, about the dog and the laundry. I think all moms are born to be tough!

  8. How amazing, I love Kelly Ripa! I love this – Being a mom means that there really are no sick days, and that’s okay. It’s worth the trade off. – – so so so true, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

  9. I am unstoppable because I have no choice in the matter with 3 kids. I am always on call however, I am happy to rise to the occasion. It definitely keeps me motivated.

  10. We need to be unstoppable for our kids. I hate when i get sick and i have to take some down time. I will have to head over and make my own Unstoppable Mom cover.

  11. This is a great very empowering post. I love your positive out look on things! Life is indeed great, we just have to find our happy place.

  12. Being a mom mean no sick days…ever! I love my kids and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I always joke with the hubby when he gets sick. I tell him to stay away because he because a big baby when he is sick and I already have my hands full.

  13. You just described my life the last two weeks! Most hectic schedule of the year, then the kids got sick. I haven’t even slowed down yet, much less stop. I need a really big nap!

  14. Yes! Love is definitely what makes me feel unstoppable. I’ve had my share of health problems and challenges over the years, but it’s the love of my family that keeps me going and striving for greatness.

  15. You are so lucky to have worked with Kelly! She seems so awesome. Being a mom to me means being unstoppable. It’s a wonderful thing to pass along to our children as well.

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