We knew traveling as a family would change us, just not this much – It's a Lovely Life!

We knew traveling as a family would change us, just not this much

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This was the best year ever for our family! 

A year ago, we moved into traveling as often as we could make it fit in our schedule…to creating a life and schedule that would let us travel more than half the year. These past 12 months have changed us in so many ways both individually and as a family. I expected this change to have a huge impact on our family, but it has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever dreamed of.

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This video says it all… we traveled to 14 states, 4 countries and took 56 flights!

We grew so much by learning about different cultures and the history of the areas we visited, but the biggest change for us after all these adventures and travels was something totally unexpected. We started to appreciate home time more than we ever did before. After our longest trip, almost three weeks in Florida came to an end, I remember sitting in my bed on the morning after our arrival back at home and feeling lost. I looked around and I didn't remember how I used to do the day to day here at home. I had a rough week transitioning back to home life and felt like I finally was back in my groove just in time to get back on the road.


When we returned after that much shorter trip to Arizona, my mind had shifted. Instead of feeling trapped at home, I was thankful for the down time to get caught up and recharged. I started to see our home as a sanctuary from the rest of the world instead of a prison to count the days to our next adventure. I fell in love with the sunset view from the balcony off our master bedroom and the warm glow that engulfs the family room each day around noon. The kids too found comfort in a regular schedule and from eating homemade food in their own kitchen. As a family, we realized what a great life we have at home and when we are off on an adventure. 

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What have you learned by traveling more?

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  1. I don’t get to travel much but I love the way your perspective changed. You get the best of both worlds and that’s an amazing and beautiful thing!

  2. I absolutely love all your family vlogs and everything you share. It’s so inspiring and encouraging. You have such a beautiful family. You guys are filled with so much life and energy, it’s really great to see it all. Thanks for sharing!

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