We Finally Take Down The Christmas Tree!

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We are really behind this year. This vlog was filmed on January 28th, and the Christmas Tree still wasn’t put away yet. Yes, we do an artificial tree because our cats eat the real ones. But, we normally put the tree and all the Christmas decorations away on New Year’s Day. This year we are slacking…Ok, when I say “we”, I mean “me” (Pete). Now I feel like we can finally move forward with 2017!! We also take the ghost drone 2.0 for the first flight in awhile and Emmy does some bike riding. This is Reese Family Vlog 138!!

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  • Hey…no judgements about keeping the tree up so long…life does happen! I left our tree up a full week into Jan and that was my latest yet, but I just couldn’t seem to get motivated this year!

  • You live in a beautiful place. Lots of space for the kids to roam around and the scenery is tops! I always enjoy watching your vlogs and reading about your family adventures!

  • Congratulations for finally taking down the decorations. We recently just have done that and it looks like the house can breathe again, lol.

  • ohh lol, i have started decoration by the night of dec. 23 and putted it down by dec. 26 hahaha it’s because there are no day offs! haha congratulations for finally taking down your christmas tree and decorations hehehe

  • Hope you’re feeling better! And with the Christmas tree down, you can catch a breather. You have a beautiful view and landscaping where you lived. Drones are amazing! I wish to get one someday!

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