Visit the Australian Outback at the San Diego Zoo! New Exhibit opens May 24th!

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I was so excited to get a sneak peak at The San Diego Zoo’s newest exhibit, Australian Outback! It is opening tomorrow, Friday, May 24! If you are looking for the perfect Memorial Day Weekend fun for the whole family… this is it!

“The Conrad Prebys Australian Outback is a 3-acre exhibit and is home to more than 20 Queensland koalas. The exhibit also includes a variety of other pouched mammals such as wombats and wallabies and 23 species of Australian birds.” quoted from the friendly people at the San Diego Zoo!


When we were on our way to see the new exhibit we talked it up with the little one. She tends to get a bit overwhelmed at new places and I wanted her to have as much fun as possible. I literally said that there would be Koalas and she was done. She couldn’t process anything past that. She was SO excited to see real Koala that it was all she could do to not jump out of her seat!


There was so much put into the new exhibit to make the experience as entertaining and educational for all of the visitors, but even more effort was put into it to provide the animals a great place to live. The San Diego Zoo’s conservation efforts are top notch and they are know around the world for saving the species of endangered animals. I love knowing that the money that we spend at the ZOO and Safari Park directly benefit the animals while teaching my children about the impact of conservation on our world.


Zoo Keeper Rick is so personable and knowledgeable and led a great tour of the new exhibit. 




When the little one saw this she screamed… “IT”S REAL! “. We sat and stared for awhile. The new exhibits are set up so that you are really close and can really see the animals.



Built into the koala area is a learning center. The staff is amazing and really “get” kids. Everything is built to the kids level. This lovely lady {below} helped my little one learn about pouches and how marsupial animals carry their babies around!


We were so excited to meet animal ambassador “Matilda”. She is a Kookaburra with an amazing voice and laugh!



Be sure to get out to The San Diego Zoo this summer and see the new Australian Outback!

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Thank you again to the San Diego Zoo for inviting us to the preview event. We had a great time! No other compensation was given.

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  • So jealous you got to go early! We were thinking of going Monday but I am sure it will be a mess. We have annual passes so we will be soon. Glad to see you all enjoyed it!

    • Brittany… I think you are right, with it being Memorial Day weekend it will be BUSY! Totally worth it to put up with the masses, but if you can hold off a couple days I bet it will be a bit less busy. 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I would be in heaven at that exhibit. What a wonderful addition to an already fabulous zoo!

  • I haven’t been back to the San Diego Zoo in years, but I so want to go! This exhibit looks like so much fun.

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