Velas Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Resort Mexico Day 1 – It's a Lovely Life!
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Velas Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta All-Inclusive Resort Mexico Day 1

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After our vacation to Los Cabos earlier this year with Grand Velas, we knew we wanted to experience more of their all-inclusive luxury resorts. Then when I saw that we had a week open up last minute in our travel schedule, I didn't hesitate to plan a family friendly Puerta Vallarta vacation where we stayed at two of Velas Resorts' beautiful properties. They were the ultimate hosts and we were so thankful they hosted us during our time in Puerta Vallarta.

Our adventure started with a pretty quick flight from LAX. We booked too late for non-stop flights from San Diego or Santa Ana so LAX it was. After less than three hours we were on the ground and greeted by the VIP service. I highly recommend using them. We were in the car and then at our first resort all within ten minutes. How awesome is that? I love maximizing vacation time and we totally did on this trip. 

Check in was also quick and soon we had a hibiscus welcome drink in our hands along with the keys to our suite!

Velas Vallarta is located close to the airport and right on the beach. They are known for their exemplary service and their beautiful lush gardens. 

I'll be sharing a full write up of the resort and our room, but we it was simply perfect! A three bedroom suite overlooking the ocean. We couldn't have asked for anything better!

Above is Maddie's room with a relaxing queen size bed. Ash and Em stayed across the hall in a room with two beds. The master bedroom was on the other side of the kitchen, and next to the family room. 

While we wanted to enjoy the welcome amenity, Emmy had her eyes on just one thing… the hot tub! THAT VIEW!!!

Since Velas Vallarta is an all-inclusive resort, our room as also stocked with all the beverages you could ever need…

And a snack basket filled to the brim!

I was so happy to see that they also have the toiletries that I remembered from our last stay at a Velas Resort. The scent is like walking through paradise!

When you are imagining a true Mexico family vacation, this is the view you probably have in your mind right? I know I did. It was wonderful being able to just sit back and relax here.

We also had a great dinner on our first day and every day after. There are multiple restaurants and snack bars to dine at, and I recommend trying each of them. We ended up opting to eat by the ocean for breakfast and dinner and then having lunch indoors. Plus there is room service so… be sure to save time for that too. I mean space! Ha!

The sunsets here are some of the most colorful ones I've ever seen. Plan to have dinner after the sunsets so you can watch it while enjoying a drink or snacks. You won't regret it!

We went to bed so happy and excited to explore the resort more over the next two days. Emmy was especially looking forward to kid's club time!

Have you been to Puerta Vallarta? 

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  1. Wow, looks like another awesome family vacation in the making! I love Emmy’s smile! She sure enjoyed the hot tub. Velas Vallarta seems like a great all inclusive resort to stay with the whole family. Maybe someday me and my family can travel to Mexico and stay in that resort too.

  2. Day 1 and it already looks awesome! All-inclusive resorts are always the way to go in my opinion. They take the worry out of traveling. Because who wants to worry when you’re vacationing?

  3. Wow that looks like a great time to have as a family. Looking like a fun time in Pueroto Vallarta. I love all inclusive resorts, will be looking into this one!

  4. What a VIEW! It must have been such an amazing trip – I love all inclusive resorts, they make everything so much easier! I definitely look for that when booking. I need to plan so I can visit this resort!

  5. I haven’t been to Puerto Vallarta, but I need to tell my hubby we should go here for our anniversary. That room is amazing, and those gardens are so beautiful. We will definitely have to give the VIP service a try!

  6. That resort is beautiful! I’m thinking about taking a vacation next year but I haven’t decided where yet. I’ll definitely have to check out this location if I do decide to move forward.

  7. Wow, this looks like a great place to vacation! I love that hot tub and the view. I’m afraid I’d want to stay there all day. 🙂 My husband and I are looking to take a little get away trip and I’m definitely going to check out Puerta Vallarta. I’ve never heard of it before this.

  8. I know you’re doing a review of your travel experience, but this post is really inspirational. I am motivated to book my next vacation in Mexico now. Truly looks relaxing – exactly what surrender to bliss might look like. Thanks!

  9. What a gorgeous resort destination!!!! The room looks amazing and the views are absolutely spectacular!!! What a fabulous family vacation!!

  10. I would love to spend a few days relaxing in that resort. It looks like they know how to treat their guests! Your did a great job with the photos.

  11. Oh!! It looks like you had a wonderful family vacation here in Puerto Vallarta. The relaxing and pleasant ambiance of this place is so fulfilling. The room is pretty awesome, simple but elegant look, I will put this on my bucket list for our next family trip vacation. By the way, your daughter is so pretty, she really enjoys her stay there.

  12. I have not been to Puerto Vallarta, but reading this blog entry makes me wants to go! Everything seems so serene, and peaceful, and fun and it looks like there is something for everyone! Hope you guys enjoy your stay!

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