Update on my Activia Challenge

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We love yogurt around here so I have partnered with Dannon to help promote The Activia Challenge. This is a compensated sponsored post.

activia challenge

I’m loving the Activia Challenge. 

I’m plugging along on my Activia Challenge and I’m still feeling really good. Which makes me really happy. I’ve been having an Activia in the morning and another as a snack before dinner time and that seems to work really well for me.  

If you ever feel bloated, gassy, uncomfortable, with rumbling join The Activia Challenge! There is still time! 

Activia Brand Ambassador, Laila Ali, is sharing her tips for living a healthy lifestyle and this one I really wanted to share because I know that we all are super busy!

Start the Day off Right: Whenever I have a busy day scheduled, I always make sure I have an Activia Yogurt in my fridge. These delicious, creamy low-fat yogurts are rich in flavor and help me easily stay on track with the Activia Challenge!”

activia greek

Since I’m eating Activia twice a day I’ve been trying all their different varieties and flavors.

I had no idea there was so much variety. I’m working my way through all of them… Activia Yogurt, Activia Greek, Activia Greek Light, Activia Smoothies, Activia Light Yogurt, and Activia Fiber Yogurt! Lot’s to try and love. That’s for sure! I’ve found that there is an Activia for every time of the day. From breakfast, as an afternoon snack or as a late night treat!

Activia Yogurt is rich in flavor and will please your taste buds and your tummy.

Activia Yogurt is available in eight great flavors: Cherry, Prune, Strawberry Banana, Peach, Mixed Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla. I love adding fresh fruit to the Vanilla for breakfast.

Activia Greek delivers yogurt lovers with the best of both worlds.

It’s everything I love about Greek, you know the creamy, thick texture plus digestive benefits of Activia. Activia Greek comes in eight delicious flavors starting with Vanilla and also Seven Fruit-on-the-Bottom styles: Garden Blueberry, Strawberry Patch, Orchard Peach, Tropical Fruit, Raspberry, Black Cherry, and Strawberry Patch! I LOVE Strawberry Patch! It’s my go to when I want something that feels like a dessert, but that’s not! It also makes a great post-workout snack!

The newest variety to join the Activia family is Activia Greek Light, a lighter version of our popular Greek Yogurt.

Activia Greek Light is 80 calories and has all of the benefits of Activia Greek, including 0% fat, 2X the protein vs. regular low-fat yogurt (contains 14% of the DV of protein (7g) than regular low-fat yogurt), and digestive benefits per 5.3 oz. Activia Greek Light is available in a selection of flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Vanilla. This was the newest yogurt I bought and it really is the best of both worlds. Light and really yummy. I like the peach one and I plan on trying the blueberry next.

activia greek light

Stay motivated.

If you want to join the Activia Challenge but you are not sure you have the motivation go grab your best friend, sister, or neighbor, and have them get started today with you! This is the best way that I’ve found to stay motivated and on track!

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