Two New Craft Ideas To Personalize Your Gifts With BIC’s Month Of Merry Marking

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bIC to personalize a book

I have been having so much fun adding more crafting to my life.

I don't consider myself a crafty person. I lack talent and patience for most craft projects, but I still keep a list of crafts I want to do. It's totally contradictory for me to dream of doing crafts when I know it's not a talent I was born with… but a girl can dream right?

Knowing I can't do full on craft projects doesn't stop me from still having some crafting fun!

That's why I was so excited about BIC’s Month of Merry Marking. They created an inspirational booklet full of ideas for those of us looking to add a little crafty fun to our lives and those that are crafting pros!

BIC Personalize a book

BIC is encouraging us to keep writing and creating this season with awesome products like BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers and BIC’s Month of Merry Marking!

I loved seeing all the ideas for crafting projects using BIC Mark-It™ and I picked two really fun and easy projects to share with you all today! We are going to be adding some extra sparkle to gift tags and we are also going to make gifting our favorite books even more special with a handwritten note inside!

BIC personalize a book with a note BIC enhance homemade gift tags


I even have a video showing how to make them both!

I had a great time using #TikiHutTan to personalize the books I am going to gift!

I just bought my favorite books, opened them up and wrote a little note inside! BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers made it easy to really make this gift even better!

BIC Merry Making

I used the permanent markers that offer 44 vibrant, long lasting colors for endless inspiration! 

The bold, fade-resistant ink is low odor (this is a HUGE deal to me) and acid free (no added acid and no measurable pH) so you don’t need to worry and they are totally family friendly too! You can find BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers available in 36 packs of fine or ultra-fine bold, vibrant colors or the 8 pack of metallic colors. These give you tons of inspiration to spread some joy!

I nominate my friends Sarah, Kate and Avi to get in on the fun and download the coupon and make a craft of their own!

Be sure to head on over to the BIC Mark-It™ Facebook page to get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking!

What is your favorite way to use BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers? 

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  1. I am just salivating over that large collection of colorful Bics. I really need to get my hand on that gold one. I was at the store, and although I wasn’t actively looking for that marker…I did not see it.

  2. I love to read novels, and my husband always gets me one or two for my birthday and Christmas. My favorite part is how he personalizes it and writes a note inside the book just for me.

  3. I have a set of these and they are just some of best markers ever. I love the huge color variety!

  4. I love the idea of personalizing books like this. My daughter has a few she has received over the years that have inscriptions in them. It makes it special to read every time we see it.

  5. I really want that multi pack of markers! I love Bic products and will definitely be buying these.

  6. Umm this looks like the best stuff ever. I love the little crafts you did. Plus – your house looks adorable. I love all the natural light:)

  7. I need to get a set of those Bic pens!

    When someone writes in my book it just makes it that much more special. I like knowing why they picked a particular book for me.

    I have always been an artist. I was art club president for many years and had a lot of pieces go to museums and contests. I am not sure what happened, but I stumbled through life and all my arts and crafts just fell to the wayside. I think a lot of it was just not feeling like I had the money to spend on myself for projects. I am slowly getting out of that mindset and doing small projects and buying things when I can. It has really helped and makes me feel so much better.

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