Two Gifts Every Tween, Teen and Adult Will Love From Radio Shack

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radio shack gifts for adults

Now that my oldest have entered their tween and teen years gift shopping has taken on a whole new level of planning.

Add to that buying Pete a gift he actually will like and December can be spent shopping the days away. Not exactly the way that I want to spend the holidays. Thankfully Radio Shack has some great gifts to make my life easier. Instead of spending this month shopping I can just head over to Radio Shack and be done in minutes.

radio shack drone

Want a gift that your teen, tween, adult friend, parent and pretty much everyone else will want? 

Great! Get them this RADIOSHACK 2.4GHZ RC SURVEYOR DRONE. I had this out on the counter and I was checking it out when Pete walked in the room and asked if we could try it out right away. A couple hours later my own father came over and saw it out on the table and said that it was a gift he really wanted for Christmas too… the girls all saw it and asked if it was for them! Total hit! The Little One even wanted it… but after testing it out she’s going to have to wait a few years to use it. It looks like a toy to her, but it’s actually a pretty powerful little flying machine and more than she could handle. We were all impressed with how strong the motor was. This is sold exclusively at Radio Shack.

beats solo 2 radio shack

This one isn’t going to surprise anyone either.

This was a very well received gift! There might have even been some fighting over this one too. BEATS BY DR. DRE SOLO² (RED) HEADPHONES are known for their awesome sounds and comfortable fit. The Middle One got her hands on these and hasn’t put them down since. She just keeps telling me how great her music sounds on these. She can’t wait to use these on our next trip because she says they pretty much block out all other sounds. I love that I can’t hear any of her music from the headphones even if we are sitting right next to each other. Although the quality of these are way more than a 4 year old needs, the Little One loves them too. These would be perfect for the teen in your life, tween, spouse, friend or pretty much anyone who loves music!

tween girl gift beats solo 2

teen gift beats

radio shack gifts

If you have limited time (or you just don’t want to spend the holidays shopping), but you want to get some awesome gifts for everyone on your list head over to Radio Shack (#GiftSmart).

The great thing about Radio Shack is that they are big enough to have gifts for everyone, but not big enough that it takes house to get everything you need and with their Gift Smart Service shopping this year will be a breeze! Radio Shack’s Smart shopping starts with finding the right gift the first time. RadioShack’s curated selection of interactive toys and innovative products are topping must-have lists this season.

Even Weird Al Yankovic gets why Radio Shack is the place to shop this year!

Have you heard of the R Promise?

RadioShack’s new R Promise initiative takes several familiar RadioShack services and combines them with fresh, new options to create some of the smartest guarantees in the industry for shoppers. With price match guarantees, Ship 4 Free and Pay Your Way Radio Shack is making shopping so much smarter this year! Which makes shopping at Radio Shack even better!

Who would you give these gifts to?

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