Review of Grand Bahia Principe Coba Cancun

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Our first full day with our host Grand Bahia Principe Coba All Inclusive Resort was pretty perfect!

Transportation to Grand Bahia Principe Coba with Olympus Tours

Our driver from our travel partner, Olympus Tours delivered us to the resort the best way possible. We had a kind and attentive driver, air conditioning and wifi! What more could we ask for? They are our go-to transportation company whenever we are in Mexico because they are always on time and we trust them and their drivers. We’ve also told tons of people about them and have only heard excellent feedback. Not only does Olympus Tours offer transportation from the airport to resorts, but they also have a bunch of tour offerings.

Family Breakfast at Grand Bahia Principe Coba

We started with a huge breakfast at the buffet.  Trust me and get some of the smoothies. They were delish!

After we were fueled up, we went on a bike ride to the preserve area. This was a really cool activity because you get to see the resort in a whole new way, but also you get to explore a Mayan Forest complete with a replica Mayan house.

PS. Emmy’s foot was hurting a bit so Heather from Emma and Ellies Family, Emmy and I were chauffeured in a  golf cart. This was just another example of how much care they take in the guest experience here.Fun Things For Kids To Do At Grand Bahia Principe CobaBike Riding At Grand Bahia Principe Coba

Our bike and forest guide took such great care of us in making sure that this tour was both educational and really fun. Grand Bahia Principe Coba Nature Preserve and Educational Activities

He introduced us to all the plants in the forest and we were all pretty fascinated with the dangerous ones and the antidote ones that both grew close together. We also learned how the Mayan people treated their ailments with these trees. They had everything they needed in their forests.Grand Bahia Principe Coba Mexico Nature Preserve Grand Bahia Principe Coba Kids Activities Review Grand Bahia Principe Coba Activities for teens

The girls were intrigued by the Mayan house and how the forest also provided the building material… but they were very happy to know that we would be returning to the beautiful resort for the rest of our vacation. I don’t think they were anxious to vacation in one of these houses when they had an all-inclusive to go back to. Ha!Grand Bahia Principe Coba with Emma and Ellies Family Grand Bahia Principe Coba Mayan History Grand Bahia Principe Coba Family Activities Grand Bahia Principe Coba Family Pictures

The day went by way too quickly.

There were so many things we wanted to do and we did pretty well getting to most of them. The RESORTTTTTTTTT has so many activities to do that you almost have to make a list and refer back to it to make sure that you did it all. Although even if you just relax in your room with some drinks, you will have a great day!

Grand Bahia Principe Coba Buffet Review

We took the girls swimming, had lunch, explored the resort a bit and then met back up for dinner.

It was actually really had to decide where we were going to eat that night. We couldn’t choose between the Mexican restaurant or the teppanyaki grill. In the end, we went for Japanese food because we knew we could have Mexican food at the buffets during breakfast and lunch. I’m so glad we did because the food was great and the entertainment was even better!

Grand Bahia Principe Coba Teppanyaki Grill ReviewGrand Bahia Principe Coba Vegan Food Options
Grand Bahia Principe Coba Restaurant ReviewsGrand Bahia Principe Coba All-Inclusive Dining
Grand Bahia Principe Coba Dining Options

The girls were all cracking up!

I was too, but I was a little too busy enjoying the food to get into it as much as they did. They brought me out so many vegan options and I was pretty much in heaven! Looking back, our three nights were not nearly enough time here. They have so many restaurants that you need weeks to try them all, or at least a solid week and some good planning.

Not pictured, are the snack bars that they have open all night. Late at night, we took the girls down to one of the snack bars that is located in each of the resorts. We didn’t do this because the girls were especially hungry, but more for the novelty of it. Do you remember on cruise ships how they would have a midnight buffet? It was kinda like that in the sense that it is just pretty cool that you can do it.

There were french fries, pizza, and other snack-like foods on a buffet line and then you could order things from the grill. This is also where you could find soft drinks, coffee, and other beverages.

There was definitely no way that you could go hungry or be bored here and I love that you could take a very relaxing vacation and just hang out by the pool or beach. Or, you could pack in the activities and book nearby excursions.

Not to be a total spoiler here… but during our next day, we were total water babies.

You will want to see how much we enjoyed the pools and the beach. We went all out!

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Don’t forget to take a look at Grand Bahia Principe Coba’s sister resort, Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal too.

If you are looking for a beachfront resort, where you can experience all of this fun, this is for you!

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