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Hi I'm Heather! I've been a blogger for over 10 years on my blog, It's A Lovely Life! I write about family travel and all things family fun! My blog not only provides our family a wonderful income, but it also has taken us on vacations where we made memories that will last a lifetime!

A few years ago I started travel blogging and I am so glad I did! Last year we traveled 150 days out of the year to Turks & Caicos, Cancun (twice), Hawaii, A 19 Day Tour of Florida, A Dude Ranch in Tucson, Aruba, Jamaica, Virginia, Maryland, Austin, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Dells, Colorado Springs, Park City Utah, all over California, and more. We were “hosted” on all of these trips and were even paid to take many of these trips in exchange for coverage on the site.

I dish out all the secrets that most travel bloggers would rather keep private.

I absolutely love being a blogger and helping others start their own blogs is a passion of mine. I designed this 5 day email course so you can easily get your travel blog started quickly and avoid some of the big mistakes that most new bloggers make! This course is designed for new bloggers and those looking to add travel blogging to their existing sites.

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