Tour Of Maui- Our Family Vacation Adventure Part 2

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Welcome back to part two of our Maui family vacation. You can see part one here

We spent a total of four nights on Maui. Our favorite day was when we took a private tour of the road to Hana! We jumped into our (partner) Advantage Rent-A-Car to meet up with our tour guide.

I can’t recommend hiring a local tour guide enough. We have done the big tour groups and the personal ones with just the five of us, and whenever possible, we always hire a private one. That way we can pick and choose exactly what we want to see to maximize our time.  

For us, we wanted to see as many waterfalls as possible and they totally delivered. It was also great not having to drive because those roads are windy and we would have missed out on sightseeing keeping an eye on the road. That isn’t to say that we wouldn’t have driven ourselves. I had heard that the road was a wild one to drive on, but it wasn’t that crazy. Just windy on the side of the mountain.

Here are some images from the tour…

Walking through a bamboo forest. This was pretty fun, but a few of us got eaten alive by mosquitos here… so be sure to reapply your bug spray. This was one of the only times we even saw mosquitos in Hawaii.

Seeing rainbow eucalyptus. There are a few of these trees on public property and a bunch on private property… so if you go, make sure you see the ones on the road and not in a person’s front yard. 

Forever views to the ocean!

Our favorite stop was to this waterfall to go swimming. It was semi-warm outside and the water was ice cold. Pretty cool (literally).

The beaches on Maui are so laid back. We found a few just by driving around. We also saw locals and visitors alike setting up tents, BBQ’s and picnics. 

Our favorite thing to do was to walk in the sand and watch the whales swim by. I still can’t get over how many there were. When we go back, we are planning to go during whale season again. The weather wasn’t super hot- more comfortably warm to even a bit cool at times, so that was nice, but we all loved seeing the whales. It was a bucket list experience for sure. Locals told us the best time to see whales is January to March, with February being the absolute best. We lucked out traveling there in February and we didn’t even plan it that way.

Next time we will also dedicate more “planned” beach time. Maybe we’ll pick up some food and eat it in a beach/park. This time we just happened upon these moments, but looking back, they were some of our favorite places.

We really loved Maui for relaxation and for fresh food with so many vegetarian and vegan options. It is completely different than the higher energy on Oahu. I could never pick a favorite. Instead, I think they are both amazing places that are perfect for different vacation needs. Both are very child-friendly. 

If you are like us and like relaxation and adventure, go island hopping in Hawaii. Then you don’t have to choose just one! Next up… we fly over to the Big Island!

Make sure to watch the video at the top of the page to see Pete and Ashley jump off a waterfall!

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  • These photos are gorgeous! I have always wanted to visit Maui, we’re hoping to make it a family vacation when our kids are older.

  • The Maui vacation sounds amazing. I went there a few years ago and stayed at kapaulu Bay and it was amazing. The road to Hana was one of my favorite things about the trip and the banyon trees were amazing!

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