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Tour Of Florida Day 3 Hollywood Margaritaville Resort

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Toyota Highlander

We started day 3 by having another amazing breakfast at Omni Orlando. The buffet at Trevi’s is one of our favorite hotel breakfasts we have ever had. I wish more resorts would stray away from prepackaged food and go back to fresh offerings like the Omni does. 

After breakfast, it was time to say goodbye. We loaded up the Toyota Highlander for the three and a half hour drive to Hollywood. The drive was not that exciting but flew by quickly just the same, as I worked on my laptop throughout the drive. The Highlander is roomy and made it easy for me to get work done. We stopped once for lunch and for Pete to take a conference call. This working on the road is getting easier as we develop more systems to make it so smooth. Planning calls around stops is just one of them.

margaritavillehollywoodbeachresort review

We are staying with our travel partner, Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort for the next leg of our Florida tour and I can’t even tell you how happy we are to be here. I’m a long time Jimmy Buffett fan. I’ve been to dozens of his concerts… before the girls were born, and I know pretty much every word to every song he sings. When I met Pete, I assumed that everyone knew all of his songs, but I quickly realized it had more to do with the fact that I grew up in Newport Beach than it being a common thing. Regardless, Pete has become a fan too since meeting me. I wouldn’t call him a Parrot Head, but he does enjoy the music. After being here less  than a day, Pete now likes more than just the music….he likes the lifestyle of the Jimmy Buffett brand, and he LOVES this resort.

If I had to describe it in just a few words I would say “Beach vibe, Casual luxury, family friendly, and Jimmy Buffett”. It has as much Buffett as you want. I have been walking through the halls singing along to the songs as I see the lyrics on the walls, but a non super fan might just enjoy the beach resort feel and not really notice the subtle references.  This makes it a great place to stay for everyone.

margaritavillehollywoodbeachresort review with kids

Emmy is already on her way to Parrot Head status!

family room

Our suite is a two bedroom overlooking the ocean. It is a little piece of heaven!

refreshment bar

welcome gift

margaritaville hollywood beach resort

This balcony! I’m in love!


Hollywood beach Florida best family resorts

Some of the rooms have either an Atlantic Ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway view. You can’t go wrong with either.

intercoastal view

We plan to explore the pools more, but here is a quick look at one of them, and how close they are to the beach!

pools margaritavillehollywoodbeachresort

After we were settled in to our suite, we headed out to explore. The resort is right on the boardwalk with almost three miles to walk up and down. Everything around here has that “no worries” feel. Everyone is in relaxation mode and the people that work here go out of there way to be a part of the relaxation mode.

family beach time


We had dinner at a charming Italian restaurant (there are three that we saw to the North of the resort) while people and beach watching.

family friendly beach resort

We stopped for ice cream and then enjoyed the live entertainment on the boardwalk that is right outside of the resort. There is a performance almost every night, and the resort will give you a schedule at check in. We could even listen to it from our balcony. Emmy started to get tired so we headed back up to our suite, and then Pete and I sat on the balcony and enjoyed the rest of the concert.

live concerts hollywood fl

The pools are closed at night, but they are still fun to see as they change colors. Locals are welcome at the resort to enjoy a meal or cocktail at the many bars. Of course, I Wwould highly recommend a margarita. We are of course at Margaritaville! 

night time pools

I’ll be back tomorrow with more to share. I have a massage scheduled and Pete and the girls are going on the FlowRider®….plus we re planning some beach time too!

Here is our day three video:

Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan?

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