TOPs Balance App- The Solution To Electronics Addiction In Children

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TOPs Balance

A few summers back Pete and I realized that without the daily planned schedule that the school year brings to the girls lives they were at risk of becoming addicted to the internet and cell phone addiction issues. It started innocently enough with playing a game on their electronic devices first thing in the morning, but by the end of the day, we noticed that they hadn’t stopped playing for hours!  

Since that time, we have been looking for good ways to make sure that they don’t develop technology addiction. We want them to have a healthy relationship with electronics because used in a proper manner, they can be great additions to their lives.

Thankfully, as the years have passed, some great new apps have been developed to help off-set the growing trend of mobile device overuse and consumption by children and teens. Our new favorite one is TOPs Balance (Task Oriented Passwords).

TOPs Balance app

The new TOPs Balance app features an unlock method that has effectively reimagined a mobile device as a powerful and effortless knowledge delivery system.

Whenever the user reaches for a device, TOPs delivers a “Knowledge Burst”—a 10-second infusion of grade-specific educational content—prior to launching the users’ home screen.  The material ranges from moments in history, to vocabulary and science. It’s all combined with dramatic imagery and drawn from partnerships with content leaders such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam Webster and Getty Images.

The iOS version of TOPs also features an “audio read” function.

Parents and users first customize the intensity of learning by selecting either optional or mandatory delivery of Knowledge Bursts. Then, users are prompted with Knowledge Bursts at every device unlock, thereby balancing their mobile device overuse.  

We chose the optional delivery method (low intensity) for Ashley’s device that gives her a unique prompt, or persuasive option for a 10-second Knowledge Burst at every unlock screen.

The mandatory delivery method (high intensity) is a more dedicated balance strategy and requires the completion of a 10-second Knowledge Burst at every unlock prior to gaining access to the home screen. 

Ashley used it for a few days before we really sat down and talked about it because I wanted to see what she thought about it. Although it is set up to add an educational boost to their electronics time, Ash really thought it was fun and found herself closing her iPad more often just to do more of the Knowledge Bursts! 

I loved the parent section where I could customize it and see her progress. You can even increase the difficulty by changing the grade level. There are a lot of benefits to adding this to your child’s electronic devices, and I could even see myself adding it to my own iPad just to break up the cycle and add a little more fun to my day.    TOPs Balance electronics controller
The app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store for $4.99. As an introductory offer, the app will be available for just $2.99. 

Do you worry about electronic addition with your own children?

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  • Such a brilliant idea for kids and adults, although I could use it on my computer more than my iPad. I like that it encourages learning and interactivity.

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  • I’m not overly concerned with electronics addiction. I feel like there’s always something every generation that makes parents say, “It’s the end of everything!” I do however, love this method of getting a little extra education into the kids. That’s pretty smart.

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  • This sounds like a really great idea! too many kids just sit in front of a screen all day, it’s nice to see parents working hard to keep that from happening.

  • This is very informative and timely. I will share this to my friends who have kids and I hope they will have the app.

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