Top Three Tips For Better Mornings

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Making sure that your mornings go smoothly sets the whole day up for success and happiness. Ikea totally gets how important this is and has solutions to make mornings better. I’m so excited to be partnering with them for this sponsored post that offers solutions to make that first 59 minutes of our mornings better.

better morning tips

The first hour of your day can be challenging, hectic and stressful.

Our biggest issue is finding clothes to wear in the morning. Or should I say clothes she wants to wear. She is a very independent 4 year old and she insists on choosing her own clothes. I shared our morning challenges and how we were going to find some solutions and we did with IKEA’s help!

IKEA wants to help people better their mornings by offering resources to streamline and maximize those first 59 minutes after the alarm rings and that’s why they came up with the “First :59” program. It’s full of solutions to make our mornings much better!


Remember our normal morning scramble which left Little Ones clothes looking like this?

Talk about a bad way to start our day! With this in mind we set off to go to IKEA for a solution. Our trip into the store turned into more of an adventure that night actually. It was almost 2 weeks ago and the girls are all still talking about it. We went into the store and left bright {and hot} skies behind. Within about a half an hour a thunderstorm rolled in and the parking lot was flooding and there was lightening hitting trees outside. For us in San Diego this was real weather, and rain we hadn’t seen all year! We decided to wait it out in the restaurant area and we had a great meal and tons of fun! 

ikea first 59

Before all the excitement in the food area, we found just what we were looking for.

There were so many things to buy that would would help us have a better First 59 and set our day off on the right foot. They were all reasonably priced too… we ended up buying the SKUBB, organizer with 6 compartments. It was only $6.99 and exactly what we needed! I was so excited to get it home and put it into action! 

ikea better mornings

Little One took no time at all helping me get it all set up.

All I had to do is take it out of the package and attach the two Velcro straps to her closet rack. Took maybe 30 seconds and we were good to go! After that The Little One picked out her outfits for the week and we put them in each slot.

Every morning since then she has just grabbed the clothes for that day and we were done. You can even see her bead again because she hasn’t thrown her clothes all over it. This has made mornings so much better!

Here are my top three tips for better mornings:

  1. Plan ahead. Identify your biggest morning issues and take care of them ahead of time like we did the clothes situation.
  2. Wake up earlier. Give yourself 15 extra minutes in the morning to wake up without feeling rushed.
  3. Start the day with a big glass of water. It’s common to wake up dehydrated and sluggish. Water helps you hydrate and be your best.

Be sure to visit the IKEA First:59 website for even more morning solutions.

 What is your best morning tip?

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