Top Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas

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Since Christmas is only a little over a week away, I feel like we are really getting to crunch time for Christmas presents. And yet, I still have a bunch of last minute presents to buy.I've been thinking a lot about Christmas present ideas and I decided yesterday morning it was time to take action…

I made a special trip to Walmart while the aisles were still quite and everyone else was enjoying a calm Sunday morning. I was on a mission and I needed time and space to get it done.

My goal for the day was to buy my little ones babysitter a special gift. She loves anything with a retro flare and perfume! She has been watching the little one for over two years now and she is very important to us. I wanted to get her a present that shows just how much we care. Every other idea I've come up with I've changed my mind about because it just didn't seem like the right gift for her and now I'm running out of time to get her that perfect gift.

white diamonds perfume #shop

As I walked through the holiday isle, {you know the one with all the gift sets and candy} I noticed there were lot's of celebrity perfumes available and select celebrity fragrance gift sets at Walmart even come with a free ringtone. How cool it that?! She loves music so this is like a nice little extra surprise!

As I was walking through the aisle, I stopped and looked through all the available fragrances. I saw this Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds gift set and it totally caught my eye. I knew she would love it too!

This is definitely a department store quality perfume gift set, but at a Walmart everyday low price. I want to buy those I care about nice presents, but I also need to stick within my set gift giving budget which is easy to do at Walmart. If you are feeling the same way be sure to visit for more about the other celebrity fragrance gift sets at Walmart.

Scent Savings Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Gift Set #shop

My daughter's babysitter is in her early twenties, and although she isn't the hardest person to shop for, it is hard to find her a gift that will amaze her and not cost a million dollars. I think I really did well buying her this perfume gift set.

I especially love that is doesn't look like a last minute gift. I added a bright blue bow {her favorite color| to make it look even more special. I'm even thinking of of stopping in and picking up another one for my other daughters teacher!

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds #shop #Scentsavings

Are you looking for some other great gift ideas and fun ways to make the holidays even better? Be sure to check out this digital magazine, Live SoFab Holiday Digital Magazine to get great ideas for the holiday!

Who do you still have to buy presents for?

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