Top 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

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How to get your home ready for sale

I have been a Real Estate Agent in San Diego for quite sometime now… and this is my go to list of things you can do to help your home get a quick sale, and for the most money. These are all pretty simple to do and make a huge impact.

1. Clean. Paint color and new carpet are always a nice touch, but a clean home is the most important thing you can do to get your home ready for sale. If it is in your budget to hire someone to help you get your home as clean as possible I highly recommend going this route, or just spending a couple days deep cleaning. You want your home to not only smell clean, but also really feel clean too.

2. De-clutter. You don’t have to strip everything off your walls or pack up all of your belongings. You just want to make sure that your home and all of it’s great features can be seen and are not hidden by too much stuff.

3. Make your home a bit more neutral. There is a good chance that your bright red dining room is too specific to your likes and that other people might find it a bit too much. If  you have a few days to get ready before your home is listed, repaint the bright red room. This also goes for taxidermy animals and art that might not be appropriate for families coming into see your home, aka naked art.

4. Put away valuables. This would be a good time to put away valuables into a vault or your safe deposit box at the bank. We treat your home like our own and are very careful, but there will be people viewing your home and you can never be too safe.

5. Do a quick walk through and fix anything that catches your eye. This is a big one! Take an honest walk through your home and fix all the little things that you have been meaning to fix. Are you missing an outlet cover? Is there a chip in the wall of your paint? Fix the little things because if it’s bothering you it will definitely bother a potential buyer.

Have other real estate questions? Send them my way, I love talking real estate!

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