10 Things You Need To Do To Really Enjoy Fall

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Hands down, Fall is my favorite season. I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about it… okay I don’t like that it gets darker earlier, but the rest I love! Here are the best ways to really enjoy fall…

1. Go to a pumpkin patch and enjoy it all. Go on the tractor ride. Get lost in a maze and bring home the perfect pumpkin. By all means, make sure you also find the biggest pumpkin and take a picture with it. We plan to spend a few hours really having fun as a family. Lot’s of picture taking and some sipping of sparkling apple cider. The crisp fall breeze and all the pumpkins really move us from the warm days of summer to cool fall days.

2. Eat some apple pie. Everywhere has a restaurant known for their apple pie {around here any of the pie in Julian is amazing}, go there and buy a huge slice. Eat it all in one sitting. Be sure to take home another pie to eat later. Trust me you will be craving it again later that night. Have you ever tried it with a slice of cheddar cheese? Give it a try, it might be your new fall favorite food!

3. Bring out the heavy blankets. Take them out of storage and get them all laundered. Put them within an easy reach and get ready for those cold fall evenings. Even better if they have some nice fall colors to them. Might be a bit early for Christmas themed blankets, but the rest is fair game.

4. Stop into your local coffee house for a warm drink with a friend. It’s that time of year again and nothing makes you feel like it’s fall than sipping on a sweet {and warm} drink. Even better when you can have a nice chat with a friend while enjoying your drink. My favorite is a white mocha with a shot of vanilla… and if there is coconut milk even better!

5. Take a walk. The leaves are starting to change color. Get outside and enjoy their beauty! Take a picture of the turning leaf colors and use it as your computer screen saver. Bring a few home for a tabletop decoration or just make a big pile of them and let the whole family jump around in them!

6. Pumpkin ANYTHING! Indulge in your favorite pumpkin treat. Need some inspiration? Try my Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Blondies! Everywhere I go I see pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin pie. Stop and enjoy the season with one of these.

7. Decorate for the season. Christmas gets all the glory when it comes to decorating your home. Let’s change that. Let’s make Fall a contender for the best season to decorate. Start by decking the halls with pumpkins and scary creatures and then transition to straight up fall and remove the spooky stuff.

8. Bring out your fall clothes. Around here in San Diego, we don’t really have summer vs. winter clothes. They all kinda merge together. I tend to wear sandals year round… except when it rains. But when fall comes around I take stock of my warmer clothes, like sweaters, pants, and tights. Tights are the perfect way to take a dress or skirt from summer to fall and into winter. Getting my sweaters all lined up means fall is here and that makes me happy.

9. Go to a local theme park! We always include Disneyland in our fall fun. They decorate the park perfectly and it is a thrill to enjoy it during this time. We always get one of the seasonal treats that they create and we stroll through all the fall displays. Added bonus, theme parks are normally less crowded in the fall after the summer rush so going on all of your favorite rides is easy with less waiting. Even better is seeing your favorite rides all decked out for fall!

10. Throw a fall dinner party! Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season starts, invite a few family and friends over for a chili dinner. Make a big batch of chili and a bunch of cornbread and have a great time enjoying all that fall has to offer with those you enjoy most!

How do you like to enjoy fall?

Heather Reese
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