Tips To Help Your Child Feel Better When Sick

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Today only, Kinsa will be launching a pre-sales campaign for their new Smart Ear Thermometer! For the first 24 hours, the Smart Ear Thermometer will be sold for $30, and for the remaining month of September, will be as low as $40 for one thermometer. Retail price of the thermometer when it hits shelves in Oct/Nov will be $59.99. This is a sponsored post partnership to share our excitement over their new thermometer!

Tips To Help Your Child Feel Better When Sick

Yesterday was just like any other day until Emmy said she had a headache.

When your child says they don’t feel good, it’s one of the hardest parenting times. My stomach drops and my full attention goes to thinking of ways to help them feel more comfortable and get better asap. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything beyond allergies from the change in the weather… but it was nice to know that I have some ways to help her feel better when she’s not feeling her best.


That’s when I rely on my bag of tricks… tools to make my babies feel better!

Here are my favorite tips to help children feel better when they are sick.

  1. Cool wash cloths are the hero of the story. They always magically help. When it’s really hot out we put them in the freezer for a couple minutes so they are extra cool. And be sure to flip them over often.
  2. A good friend (that can easily be thrown in the washing machine if it gets dirty) to hug always helps. We give them a stuffed animal to cuddle with and hang out with whenever they aren’t feeling well.
  3. Lots of fluid. I know that everyone says this, but it’s one of the most important ways to feel better. Being dehydrated is dangerous and makes you feel even worse. We let them pick the fluid because we know how important it is to get them to drink it.
  4. 4. Have both heavy and light blankets right next to each other. So often they are either hot or cold and it is nice to have each one at arms length.
  5. Keep pain relievers/fever reducers and a Kinsa on hand. Keeping track of their symptoms while they are sick should be the last of our concerns… and Kinsa takes care of that part so we can take care of our kiddos.

kinsa cell phone thermometer


We have and use the original Kinsa (and we love it!), and we are super excited for the new Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer!

It will bring parents instant peace of mind when they need it most – when caring for a sick child. Working in just 1 second,Kinsa lets parents know whether their child is ill, and helps them take action if fever and symptoms are cause for concern. Working wirelessly with both Android and iOS devices, Kinsa automatically remembers important details like fever history, symptoms and medications to share with their doctor. 
Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer Features
  • Instant, 1 second temperature readings
  • Comfortable to hold and use on a sleeping baby or squirmy toddler
  • Easy to use 1-button switch, easy to read screen display with icons
  • Can be used on its own, or with the Kinsa app. The Kinsa app works with the thermometer wirelessly via Bluetooth
Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer APP features
  • Remembers for you – the Kinsa app records fever, symptoms, medications, notes for each child on your phone so you don’t have to. Keep track for yourself, another caregiver, or doctor. 
  • Guidance – in-app knowledge from medical experts, including Mayo Clinic, guides parents on when to take extra precaution or head straight to a doctor 
  • Accounts – Any parent or caregiver can see a child’s history and symptoms on their separate phones
  • Shows common illnesses circulating nearby through Kinsa’s Groups feature. 

kinsa easy

Kinsa is launching a pre-sales campaign for our new Smart Ear Thermometer today!

For the first 24 hours, the Smart Ear Thermometer will be sold for $30, and for the remaining month of September, will be as low as $40 for one thermometer. Retail price of the thermometer when it hits shelves in Oct/Nov will be $59.99.  
Funds raised through our pre-sales campaign will go towards supporting Kinsa’s philanthropy program FLUency which gives free Kinsa stick thermometers to all families in a number of schools throughout the country. We are gunning to  expand the program to 100 schools this fall. 



Head on over to the Kinsa Indiegogo page to get your new Kinsa for 50% off today only… tomorrow and through the rest of September, it will be $40!

What is your favorite tip to help kids feel better when they are not feeling well?

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