Tips To Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Tips To Finally Get A Good Nights Sleep

I’ve been struggling for a while to get a good night’s sleep. It had been a long time since I really woke up rested, and then I started doing a few things that really helped.

First thing I did was to identify the things that were keeping me awake and or interrupting my sleep. I realized that there were two main things causing me problems. The first thing was this little kitten below… who seems to get most of her energy in the middle of the night. The kitten issue seems to be subsiding on its own. The second issue that is getting in the way of me getting a good night’s rest is nighttime congestion. I realized that pretty soon after I get into bed at night I suddenly start to get nighttime nasal congestion. 

The more I thought about my sleeping habits, the more I realized that my inability to get a good night sleep was also causing Pete to have sleeping problems. I remember years ago he went through a mouth breathing patch and it kept me up at night, it’s been the same way for him lately listening to my nasal congestion at night. That was more motivation for me to get on top of my sleeping problems.

Once I started to get a better night’s sleep, so many other aspects of my life got better. It is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. I had more energy and felt so much better!

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These are the tips I’ve been doing to get a better night’s sleep.

I’ve been setting a regular bedtime and routine. It felt kinda silly doing it at first, but it makes a huge difference when you can plan for a certain time to go to bed and a certain amount of sleep you plan to get. I also am sticking with a routine that helps me relax as it gets closer to my bedtime. In addition, I’ve been using Breathe Right® nasal strips. Breathe Right® nasal strips are drug-free and clinically proven to instantly lift your nasal passage and open your nose to help you breathe better so you can sleep better. I follow the directions on the package on how to apply them, I clean and dry my nose, remove the liner and place the strip on my nose. Then I press down the ends of the strip and rub gently to secure.

I’m not alone in having this problem, in fact, an online survey of 1,001 American adults by the Breathe Right® brand found that nearly three-quarters of participants who share a bed with a mouth breather said they are woken up at least once per night by their partner’s mouth breathing. About 59 percent of respondents sleep next to a mouth breather and 47 percent believe it impacts their ability to get a good night’s sleep. 

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Breathe Right® nasal strips provide a variety of options to appeal to the needs of many, whether it is a calming scent or sensitive skin. 

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

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