Three Tips To Take Unique Pictures Of Children With Little Fawn Clothing

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Spring is in the air… and so is the first touch of summer for us in So Cal and we can't wait for warm nights and dress weather! We are so excited to be working with Little Fawn Clothing on this sponsored post to share three tips to take unique pictures of children.
little fawn dress

My little one is just like me when I was little… I was all about beautiful dresses and pretty clothes.

I'm kinda still the same way. I have a closet full of dresses and I think she will be this way forever too! When I opened up the box from Little Fawn Clothing I knew we had found a new favorite kids clothing company.

We were even more excited to learn that they are crafted in the USA.

girls dress little fawns

Little Fawn Clothing is a girls boutique clothing that is high-quality. 

You can feel it as soon as you touch their items. They are beautiful! Their clothing is good for more formal affairs, but can also be worn to play in. We found this dress perfect for nice family meals and for enjoying the weekend! There are also no zippers or buttons to fuss with too which is pretty awesome for those kids that want to be able to get dressed on their own, but would need help with those things, giving them more independence. 

girls dresses little fawn usa

little fawn clothing

Little Fawn Clothing just released their Summer 2015 line on on May 2 (2 new skirts and a top)! 

Their clothing is everyday “real-world clothing” for kids with original and unique designs. The fit is true to size and I just can't say enough about the quality. We've already washed this dress a few times and the color is still just like it was when it was brand new.

little fawn

I was inspired to take some unique pictures of my little one when I saw this dress.

It's whimsical flare encouraged me to capture her in some poses I often forget, her just being a kid!

Here are three tips to capture unique pictures of children:

  1. Let them do what they want to do. I love just following my daughter doing what she would normally do. Tip… get down on their level and take your pictures then.
  2. Capture joy. They find the simple things to be the most fun. Tip… try to time your pictures with that in mind, capturing those moments of joy .
  3. Let them pick out their own clothes for photo shoot. My little one loved this dress and it showed in her inner happiness so the pictures showed that too! Tip… pick some outfits for them to wear and then let them chose the final one to wear. Or go all out and let them pick all of their clothes for some really fun pictures!


little fawns made in the usa made in the usa kids clothes

Be sure to see the cute new items that Little Fawn Clothing just released last week! There is also special saving on the Norma skirt which is 20% off for the month of May. 

What is your favorite tip for capturing unique kids pictures?

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  1. That dress is so cute! I love that these are made in the US. It is also great that there are no buttons. My daughter would have loved that when she was younger.

  2. You daughter is SO cute! The clothes are adorable! I wish I had a little girl to dress her in this cute clothes! LOVE that it is made in the USA!

  3. You got a shot from the back, which a lot of people just don’t do. As mother’s , we so often see our kids from the back as they run off to whatever activity they are doing at the time.

  4. What a sweeties! That dress is adorable and so is the model. Those are great shots; I want to start snapping some pics on my kid now!

  5. I love the photo tips. I love catching real life shots over those that are “staged”. I am trying to be a better photographer and love learning new little tips. I want to invest in a good camera one day.

  6. These are great tips to taking a unique picture of your child. She is so cute and I love her dress with the bow in her hair. It looks totally comfy indeed and I will have to share this with my niece. Her little one would so love this dress.

  7. Such a cute dress! Makes me miss when my daughter was little and she would let me put her in cute and pretty dresses 🙂

  8. What a pretty dress-I can see why your daughter loves it! You might have something there-let the kids pick what they really like and then take pictures when they are doing what they want to do!

  9. I love SoCal and now realize I don’t want to be anywhere else! Weather is perfect to wear outfits like this more often throughout the year. She is so cute. I love your pictures by the way. Anyway, this dress, I think I need to get a couple for my nieces. I like how simple but cute and still girly it looks. Lovely colors too.

  10. hey! we have that dress too! Did you see our littlest has the pants & top from their first line too – they are SO well made! I really love your photo tips too!

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