Three Tips To Make Valentine’s Day Stress Free and Awesome!

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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow… Saturday, February 14th! Are you ready?

For once I am ready! It’s also Pete’s birthday so I’m always running around getting his presents, cake and decorations that I forget to get him a Valentine’s Day card. Let’s not even talk about the girls and my extended family’s cards, those always are last minute rush purchases. Instead of enjoying the day I always feel so much pressure.

This year is going to be different. I’ve got a plan and I’m so excited for a stress free holiday this year with a few tips I’ve learned!

Here are three tips for an awesome and stress free Valentine’s Day.

1. Give the right gift. So often we get a gift for someone off the value, like “I’m going to spend $100”, instead of giving a gift based on what the recipient really wants. So often a less expensive gift would actually make someone much happier than an expensive one. Don’t buy an expensive watch when a cake from their favorite bakery a town over would do. Think sentiment not cost.

2. Plan ahead and celebrate during the off hours. Consider having a special Valentine’s Day breakfast or lunch together. Instead of going out to dinner when it will be very busy, have your meal earlier and do something else during dinner time like ice skating or the movies!

3. Words are so important. Each year Pete gives me a special card with a personalized note in it. I cherish these cards so much! As we go more paper free at our office we’ve started to do it at home too. The only thing that has held us back on changing our paper card exchange is that I still wanted to get Hallmark Cards from Pete like he’s been giving me for years. This year will be different because we can now exchange Hallmark eCards! These will be awesome for Pete and I to share with each other… but this year I won’t have to run out and get the rest of my family cards either! I can now send Hallmark’s awesomely playful and sweet eCards.

I love how fun and unique Hallmark eCards are!

This year you can say “I Dig You” or show them a diagram of your heart to tell that special someone how you feel. I love sweet and silly cards and there are so many to choose from! Thankfully Hallmark offers some cool plans to send out the cards so you can send more than one, because if you are like me you will find a few that you love and that “say it perfectly” and you will want to send all of them!

Subscriptions to Hallmark eCards start at $5.00/month for monthly service, $1.50/month for annual service, and $1.25/month for a 2-year special subscription, which means that there is a plan for everyone and their needs. I’m thinking that the 2-year special would be perfect for me and the amount of cards I plan to send this year! 

If you like to play games, Hallmark has a quick and fun “Heart Rate” game!

You get 20 seconds to pop as many hearts as possible! I got to the Hubba Hubba level! Give it a try and see what you get! good luck!   

Heather Reese
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