Three Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower… Plus An Easy Cupcake Recipe

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Oh how I LOVE everything baby! Especially planning baby showers! Thank you so much to Tiny Prints for partnering with me to share my three tips for a perfect baby shower and my recipe sweet and simple baby shower cupcakes from a box!

 cake mix cupcakes

I remember how excited I was to be a mom back when I was pregnant with my first daughter.

After being on bedrest for months, my baby shower was a huge celebration. This little life meant so much to all of us and we had the most amazing afternoon full of joy! Because I was on bedrest I didn’t get to do the typical “get ready for baby” things like creating a registry or even shopping for maternity clothes.

When the little one came into our life 10 years later things were way different.

Because she became our daughter via adoption I was healthy and able to run around like crazy getting ready for her… and my sister even threw us a baby shower a couple weeks after she was born. Over the 15 years that I’ve been a mom and the two baby showers I’ve had for my own kiddos (10 years apart, can you believe that?) I have three tips for a perfect baby shower… and an amazingly delicious (and easy) baby shower cupcake recipe!

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I had to share some pictures of my Little One when she was a newborn because I am a total baby person and I love to look back at my girls when they were babies.

I would seriously have 10 kids if Pete didn’t pull me back to reality… since we are done at three kids I always offer to throw baby showers for friends and family.

Here are my top three tips for perfect baby showers!

1. Make the food count. I’m going to be totally blunt here. People like to eat. I like to eat! So make them happy while they are celebrating this new life. I make sure there are ample appetizers and a main course that is substantial. I love to do a Mexican or Italian food buffet. Both are easy to set up and crowd pleasers. Now let’s talk dessert. Cupcakes are always a good choice. They are easy to hold and eat when you are partying and they just look adorable and fitting for a baby shower. These are my favorite ones to make and if it’s for a boy I just exchange blue for pink… or yellow for surprises!

The best part about these cupcakes is that they are made from a box. Yep, from a box. I start with the vanilla boxed cake mix and then I make these changes:

  1. Add an extra egg to whatever it calls for on the box.
  2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  3. Instead of water I add milk
  4. Instead of vegetable oil I use the same amount of cold cubed butter.
  5. Add a few drops of food color to give it a slight festive hue.

I add all of the ingredients to the mixer at the same time and blend it on medium speed till the butter is incorporated, but still in little bits that you can see. It won’t completely incorporate into the batter. Then cook the cupcakes according to the instructions on the box.

For the frosting I use store bought vanilla frosting and I add food coloring and mix together just till it’s slightly worked through. I love the look of the color going through the frosting as it’s piped on since it leaves an almost metallic look, so don’t mix it all the way through.

easy pink baby shower cupcakes

2. Go easy on the games and do more that involves sharing and keepsakes. There, I said it. I am not a baby shower game person. I don’t want to smell and guess what’s in a diaper. The new mom will have plenty of time for that! I love doing things that will inspire the new mom. My favorite activities are writing an inspirational note or quote on a newborn diaper for the new mom to read during late night diaper changes and to have everyone share their top advice for new moms. Just please none of that “sleep when the baby sleeps” stuff… I’ve never heard of anyone actually able to do that! My advice is always to take way more pictures than you think is reasonable. Looking back on the ones I took of my girls I only have one regret… that I didn’t take more!

3. Have fun with the baby shower invitation. My favorite thing about planning a baby shower is the invitation! It really sets the mood for the whole celebration so I go all out! The dessert and invitations are how I show my creative side and love for the new mom and I have so much fun creating the baby shower invitation from Tiny Prints. The invitation is the first thing I do after I set the date. I use the design as the inspiration for the celebration. I chose the ones above for my next baby shower because I am loving the whimsical and delicate flower look right now. 

It’s amazing to see your planning all come together on the big day! I’m getting excited just thinking about it… hope one of my friends or family decides to have another baby soon!

What is your favorite tip for a perfect baby shower?

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