Three Epic Vacations Families Will Want To Experience Together

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This year we are thinking we need to take an even bigger adventure to celebrate Maddie graduating from high school. We are even thinking of making it a multigenerational vacation and inviting the whole family to come. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that are like family. Something that pushes us out of our normal vacation destinations and allows us to really experience the place we are visiting on a whole new level. We’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few months and we have some big plans!

So far, we have narrowed it down to three epic family vacations where we can make memories that will last a lifetime. Because these adventures are farther than we’ve ever been, and we want to really see as much of the places as possible, we are looking into traveling with the sponsor of this post, Vantage Deluxe World Travel. Vantage has been creating and delivering Memorable Journeys — River Cruises, Small Ship Cruisetours, and Escorted Land Tours – since its inception in 1983. Vantage designs journeys led by local Program Managers and Discoveries Leaders that feature hotels in great locations and handpicked sightseeing tours while providing travelers with exclusive opportunities to interact with local people and immerse themselves in the culture of their destination. 

Here are the three epic family vacations we chose:


Ireland is in our blood, quite literally as was proven in the DNA tests we did as a family, so this was a natural choice for us. Even if we didn’t have the luck of the Irish with us, we would still want to go to experience some of the world’s most dazzling landscapes and historic landmarks on this a Deluxe small group journey to the Emerald Isle. On this tour, we would be able to experience the best of Ireland travel, including a tour of the iconic Ring of Kerry and exclusive whiskey tasting at the Old Jameson Distillery. I’m not sure Pete and I would be tasting much of the whiskey, but just the experience of being there would be a thrill! I am also excited to see the beautiful green grass blanket the hills. I have heard so many amazing things about Ireland and I can’t wait to walk the land with my family.


Canada is so close to home that I often forget what an amazing vacation it makes. From spirited cities to lush scenery, we are looking forward to exploring the best of Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains on Majestic Canadian Rockies by Train, Seaplane & Ferry. This is a new Vantage tour for 2018, and I think it would be perfect for our family. From high-speed ferries to soaring seaplanes, unique modes of transportation will have us experiencing the magnificent scenery of this region like never before. Along the way, we’ll enjoy a carefully curated selection of sightseeing adventures and excursions, balanced by the time and flexibility to explore the natural wonders of each new destination our own way. This tour is especially convenient since it is closer to us and is offered on a Saturday-to-Saturday schedule. The intimate experience of small group travel like this is a thrilling and memorable adventure perfect for multi-generational family groups which makes it a top choice for us. This area is somewhere my parents and Pete’s parents have dreamed of exploring so I know they would be happy to join us.


Since we are focusing on “big” we chose this African vacation because it is about as epic as you can get! On this riveting adventure, we would experience southern Africa’s most fascinating destinations. We would start in Cape Town, South Africa’s urban jewel that is regularly named among the world’s best cities to visit. Anytime we talk to others that have visited Africa and they find out we haven’t, they all say we have to go to Cape Town! While there we would get to sample the delightful vintages – and the eye-popping scenery — of Cape Winelands and learn about the fascinating history of this area from our friendly and knowledgeable Adventure Leader. Pete and I would love to visit just for the sights alone, but perhaps the most memorable stop would be to the famed Skeleton Coast. It is known to the local Bushmen as the “Land God Made in Anger,” and this coastal stretch is one of the most unique in the world. It is where desert and ocean collide; where lost ships rise incongruously from desert sands, and massive dunes — some reaching heights of 1,000 feet! They are painted in stunning colors by the rising and setting sun. Can you imagine seeing that in person? My heart skips a beat just thinking about it and I was sold on this trip with the vision of those sun created colors!
Vantage Deluxe World Travel is known for quality. convenience. variety. safety. and value. They take care of everything on their adventures for you to enjoy the finest deluxe accommodations and meals, a well-planned itinerary coordinated by your dedicated Adventure Leader or Cruise Director, sightseeing and activities that appeal to all ages, and the peace of mind that comes when you’re in good hands—all at prices that are up to $2,000 less per departure than other leading deluxe travel competitors.
They also have the perfect adventure for everyone looking for small groups and private departures. These three are our top epic family vacations and there is the right one for you and your family too. Visit the family travel planner to find your next vacation. 
Memories That Will Last A Lifetime On These 3 Epic Family Vacations!
Which one of these epic family vacations should we go on? 
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  • These vacations look amazing to go!! I know we love to vacation with the kids, it’s a great chance to make memories with them as well!

  • We are hoping to go to Ireland in the next couple of years. If you do go I cannot wait to see what you write about it. I would highly recommend south Africa. I have been there and it is beautiful country just make sure you’re with somebody that knows the area very well.

  • I highly recommend South Africa! Its beautiful, but bring someone that knows the area because you don’t want to get in bad areas! We are hoping to go to Ireland in a few years so if you go there I will look forward to those posts!

  • Ih wow! I totally agree. These aee destinations that I would love to take my kids to. There’s just to many things to experience in these places especially as a family.

  • I love the idea of a trip that includes all the generations of the family. I have always wanted to travel to Ireland.

  • It is a dream of mine to go explore Ireland. I love that you have invited all your relatives to go with you. What a great way to spend quality time together.

  • I have always wanted to go see South Africa. These are great destinations to go with the whole family.

  • Canada has so many amazing places to explore. The Rockies are breathtaking. It would be a fun vacation

  • Oh my goodness I am absolutely DROOLING over these travel destinations. I would love to go to my family’s homeland in Ireland, and am trying to plan a trip to Canada this summer–fingers crossed all goes well!

  • I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Last year we took the train from New York to Canada through the Adirondacks. It was spectacular, and really a good deal. We stayed a week in Montreal and loved it!

  • Those photos are so beautiful. I’d love to just take a vacation for a week anywhere with my family. We don’t get to do much for vacations.

  • These are all really amazing travel destinations. I am hoping to get to Ireland in the next few years since I did marry me an Irishman. Though they pronounce our name Mahaney instead of Mahoney over there lol

  • Awesome vacation destinations! If I were to choose which one I’d love to visit first, it would be Ireland! It has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I am wanting so much to tick it off!

  • I have yet to take my children on a vacation, but I can’t wait to experience adventures like these with them when they’re older! And I can vouch for Ireland; one of my greatest trips! I can’t wait to get back one day!

  • What awesome ideas for family vacations! I am planning a bucket list of trips that my husband and I want to do before kids so I’m leaving off the trips that we can do with a family. So this is super helpful in our planning!

  • These are all great vacations. I have been to Ireland and it is beautiful. And I can attest to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies as I live not too far away from them.

  • The pictures of Ireland and Canada look so breathtaking I don’t know which to choose. It is great that you can have such a great family reunion in a place like Ireland.

  • All of them sound great, but I’ve a;ways thought Ireland would be such a gorgeous place to visit. We don’t travel much or go on many vacations, tho. We are homebodies 🙂

  • I want to visit these places.. I am planning an international getaway next year! I would love to visit Iceland!

  • What a fun adventure! I love those amazing photos, that place is a perfect spot for my family as well.

  • I never even thought to consider Canada as a vacation destination. I think is go with Ireland as my first choice.

  • Canada is a wonderful place! Adam and I traveled to Montreal together, and we’re hoping to explore more parts of Canada over the next few years as a family. So many great memories there!

  • Wow, oh wow! These are totally stunning places to visit!! Your daughter is going to love this trip!!

  • I went to Ireland as a teen, and just can’t wait to go back. To go with my family would be so incredible!

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