This is how we do happy!

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Happy should be my middle name because I am all about being happy! Today I am sharing how we do happy as a family with Heinz® Tomato Ketchup in this sponsored post.



Heinz® Tomato Ketchup is running an awesome “How Do You Happy?” limited edition bottle!

We are all about happy so I knew I wanted to be a part of this! When I sat down and really started to think about how we do “happy” I instantly knew that being together on family adventures is how we do happy. We love exploring new places and enjoying familiar ones equally – as long as we are together, we are happy!

Second up to being together and having fun is sharing a meal together…

That makes us happy too! I asked everyone in my family how using Heinz Ketchup makes them happy and I loved the answers. Pete said it’s the only one he will use. Which is so true. He’s been known to ask what ketchup a restaurant uses before ordering and he will change his order if it’s not Heinz. The little one said she likes making happy faces with Heinz ketchup and then dipping things in it. She says that makes her super happy… and then asked if we could eat it now! The older two both said french fries and veggie dogs both have to have Heinz Ketchup and they will be happy for days! Love these guys so much. What makes me happy is seeing them happy!

I can’t wait to pick up a couple limited edition “How Do You Happy?” bottles because they just scream happy and fun!

They will be perfect for all the foods we are going to be serving on Super Bowl Sunday!

beach fun

Here is how we did our “How Do You Happy?” a4

What is your favorite way to eat Heinz Ketchup?

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  • Having meals together is important for us, too. It our time to hear about each other’s days.

  • I love this! I’m going to enter for sure! Thanks. I love Heinz ketchup with just about anything! French fries are one of my favorite ways to have it as well as for burgers!

  • We try to have dinner together every night. Most of the time we succeed. That’s a big win for us considering out schedules.

  • We have all our meals together. It’s always been a top priority to me to make sure we always eat as a family. We also love Heinz ketchup, literally I put it on everything! Lol so do my kids!

  • My family and I have always been loyal to Heinz. We tried other brands, but they’re not just the same as Heinz.
    Now that my brother and I are grown-ups, we find it important to always make time for family.

  • Love love Heinz, we do happy by spending time together, cooking together and sitting with my mum as she retells the stories of living in a household with 11 kids

  • Growing up, my family always tried to have meals together as much as possible. Now, my husband and I make a point at least once a week to sit down, shut off distractions, and spend some time just talking about life together. That makes me happy!

  • Those picture of your girls are just beautiful! I’m most happiest when I’m cuddling with my son, nothing beats toddler cuddles and sloppy kisses 🙂

  • I love Heinz on anything, but fries definitely tops the list. Nothing beats that combo!

  • What a great campaign to start the New Year! I wish I could join, but I am not currently residing in the US. My family loves Heinz ketchup over our local brands here. My sons actually use it as if it was a beverage! Ketchup on everything – from french fries to fried fish! Good luck and I hope you win!

  • I love your middle name. I think it’s my middle name too. 🙂 Anyway, Heinz has always been our chosen ketchup and we love it with our tater tots.

  • Those are some great pictures! I like Heinz straight for dipping, but I also like mixing it with brown sugar and a tiny bit of mustard to make a glaze for beef and chicken.

  • Heinz ketchup is all we use in this house! Everything else has a bitter taste, and Heinz is just the right combination of sweet and tangy!

  • Meal time is sometimes the only time of the day ALL of us are together since we live busy lives, so mealtime is very important to us!!

  • Heinz Ketchup is the best. Nothing else compares. It’s thick and has a nice taste without too much tomato or tang. Our family times together makes us happy since hubs has to share parenting time with kiddos mom. So we always make the best of our times together.

  • Wow I absolutely love those photos, the girls and the scenery are too perfect! I absolutely love your happiness, it is beautiful and I love Heinz too!

  • Cute! I thought of Pharrell’s song ‘Because I’m Happy’ as soon as I started reading this. 🙂 I’m all about increasing the happiness of those around me to increase my own happiness… glad to hear about how you’re spreading the magic with your family! 😉 (and with a yummy, versatile condiment)


  • Love the concept for this contest. The pictures are looking so beautiful. Heinz is the only ketchup we use in our home. My kids love them and that is very delicious as well. Will have to check this out to participate.

  • I love it when companies do things like this. The first thing that came to my mind was my father’s meatloaf. It was wonderful and always brought a smile to my face … and the top was always slathered in Heinz ketchup!

  • We eat a lot of ketchup in our household and it’s usually Heinz 🙂 What a fun initiative they’re sponsoring! We do happy by spending fun, quality time with each other – silly moments at home and out and about.

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