The Ultimate Sweet Treat For The 4th Of July

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Celebrating the Fourth of July is a big deal at our home. We love gathering with friends and family on this special day with food and fun. Today I’m sharing my favorite 4th of July sweet treat with sponsor EDWARDS® Desserts.


We have had a family tradition of hosting a big Fourth of July party each year for our friends and family. It started when Maddie was a baby when we had just a couple of family members over. It has grown to include family, friends and their friends. From our back patio, you can see 5 different firework displays, and I think that has a lot to do with the popularity of our party… and the food we serve too. You can’t beat an all-American BBQ or cookout as Pete calls it!

Since it is such a big crew we are celebrating with, we all contribute to the planning. The girls pick out the decorations and get everything looking festive, and I do all the planning. I give Pete a list for the grocery store and he gets the job done.

He likes to joke about my list because it says things like:

  1. hamburger buns
  2. drinks
  3. chips
  4. EDWARDS® Desserts

Everything is listed generically on my list except the dessert. I don’t really even have to spell that out for him because he loves EDWARDS® Desserts too, but I do, and that makes us both laugh. The thing is, we love hosting everyone for this party. We look forward to it for months, so I want everything to be absolutely delicious.  


This year we are serving mouth-watering EDWARDS® Desserts.

On our list are: EDWARDS® Hershey’s* Chocolate Crème Pie, Turtle, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, and my personal favorite, S’mores! Seriously I not-so-secretly want to more than “wow” my guests and nothing SCREAMS 4th of July more than s’mores. I can’t wait to see how excited they are when I present them with a something beyond their expectations. They are going to love the patisserie-decadence of these desserts. When Pete took these out of the grocery bag he looked like a rock star in my eyes and we wasted no time testing them out early for our party. Don’t judge.

4th of july

Bringing the sweets is so easy this summer because this time of year is the sweetest and these desserts are going to make the sweetest smiles around! I love slicing into them and seeing these lush layers of velvety goodness with a crushed cookie crust. Each bite is filled with lush flavor and these are desserts I could never make at home. Bonus points because all you have to do is thaw them for a treat everyone will love. I feel like an entertaining ninja when the dessert table is filled with pie for days! I guess I should give Pete some credit here too for actually buying the desserts and loving them as much as I do…


I hope my guests know that I will be unavailable for a little bit during the party though. I plan to recreate this shot and enjoy my own little slice of sweet goodness too! I’m sure they will understand.

You can find EDWARDS® Desserts in a freezer aisle near you. Check out the product locator for exact store locations.


How do you celebrate the Fourth of July?

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  • I haven’t tried Edwards desserts yet, so, thank you for letting me know about this tasty, ready to enjoy treat. I will check the product locator link you included in this post.

  • This pie looks so yummy. I will have to pick up a Key Lime and Lemon Meringue pie for our party this weekend.

  • That pie looks divine. We will be coming home on Monday evening, and usually spend the Fourth with family. Fireworks are also a must.

  • We always have Edwards pies at our parties too. The other brands just aren’t the same.

  • I noticed this brand the other day at the grocery store and their pies looked yummy! I love chocolate and this sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve heard a lot about Edwards pies but never tried it before! Im very interested to check this out!

  • Yum! That looks so incredible! I am a terrible cook so I appreciate easy to buy food that tastes delicious, and this looks like it hits the mark. I will have to pick up some of the Edwards Desserts for our own 4th of July party.

  • Okay, yes that is most certainly the most sweet treat for the 4th of July. WE must get that asap, because I want to indulge in some sweets 🙂 Love it, glad you shared this as a simply sweet idea to enjoy this 4th!

  • That looks so sweet and perfect in any occassion! GOnna have to order Edwards pie on 4th of July

  • This looks like quite a nice treat for the 4th of July.

    Also, there is nothing quite like seeing some fireworks on the fourth of July…I imagine that has to be a family survey number one answer 🙂 !

  • That looks like an incredible pie! We love pie in our house so its a must for sure for the holidays!

  • That does look like a delicious pie. I may pick some up at the store for our 4th of July family get together. I can’t wait to see how my nieces and nephews have grown.

  • Looks like a really awesome dessert. I will get this at the store. One for tomorrow, and more for the 4th of July.

  • I could for a slice of this right now! I am in Canada so this weekend is Canada Day and I’ll try to whip this up for my BBQ.

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