The Ultimate Cabo Family Vacation Days 1 and 2

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Our latest adventure started at 2 am in San Diego!

We all bounced out of bed, showered quickly and headed up to Los Angeles to catch a flight to Cabo San Lucas! The drive to LA was longer than our flight, which is pretty mind-boggling. Non-stop flights are my love language, especially when traveling with children and it worked out best to fly out of LA to maximize our time on the ground. We could have flown out of San Diego or John Wayne, but we would have had less time in Cabo, so LA it was! 

Our flight wasn’t 100% full so Em and I had a row to ourselves and she was able to take a little nap stretched out but made sure she was awake for drink time. Sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice is her drink du jour these days!


We were greeted by our friends and favorite tour/transportation company in Mexico, Olympus Tours. We worked with them when we were in Cancun a couple of months ago and their dedication to customer service blew us away. So, when we knew we were coming to Cabo, we knew we would want to work with them again for our Los Cabos Airport transportation.
They were waiting for us right as we exited the airport with a sign and our private transfer in Los Cabos driver had the van ready to go with the air conditioning blasting. They also offer tours in Los Cabos because there are so many things to do in Los Cabos.


Our driver had us safely and happily to our travel partner who is hosting our stay, The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Hotel

riu palace ocean view

This is the view from our balcony.

I think I could stop this whole story after just this picture because I was left breathless after seeing this. Wow! But, I won’t, because there is so much more to share!

riu palace jr suite

Here is a quick look into one of our rooms. We have connecting rooms and they are both exactly the same. Emmy was in love with the towel friend that was waiting for us on her bed at check-in. 

kids at riu palace

As soon as we were settled in our rooms, it was pool time.

There are two huge pools on either side of the main lobby building where our room is. One is considered the quiet side and the other what I call the party side! Both are family-friendly, just with one being a bit more energetic.


We ended up heading to both to check them out.

It was a tie as to which was the favorite pool. The party pool has hosts that lead all sorts of activities and Emmy even won a round of bingo!


We opted to let the girls rest a bit after pool time and showers and Pete and I headed up to our favorite spot, the bar off the main lobby. The drinks were perfectly concocted, but the real reason was this view!

adult time riu palace cabo

We’ve decided to make this an afternoon ritual to come up here and have a drink and just gaze out over the Sea of Cortez. This is also where the coffee bar is and they connect in the middle. I ended up stopping back in here later that night for a soy latte!dinner

We also met our absolute favorite waiter Ceasar on our first night and we have been dining with him for almost every meal since. He was kind enough to take a picture of us too. This is proof that I really am here! Pete and I normally trade off taking pictures so that I can make an appearance, but the resort is just so pretty that I’m having a hard time handing over my camera. I want to take a picture of everything!

After dinner, Pete and the girls headed down to see the nightly entertainment which was a collection of authentic Mexican dancers. We were all really impressed at the caliber of entertainers they have here. It was a really good performance. Since we are on the party side we didn’t go to sleep right away, but eventually, things quieted down enough that we all fell fast asleep and were ready for day number two!


Day number 2 came quickly with a really good breakfast to start our day.

The food is really fresh and there are options galore. Em had eggs and fruit with a few bites of fruit loops on the side. She was pretty much thrilled with the fruit loops because that is a rare treat for her.

riu palace cabo food

Ash was all about the cheese, veggies, and fruit. Oh and oatmeal too. 

rui palace coffee

You all know coffee is life to me, so this was my breakfast starter, followed by potatoes, fruit, veggies, and toast. So much food!

rui palace los cabos beach

We spent the morning just enjoying the beach.

The ocean isn’t very swimmable here because there are some huge waves that break right on the shore sometimes. But, with such a huge pool area spread out over the resort, it doesn’t really matter. There are still lounge chairs spread out and the beach is perfect for doing a little shopping too!

cabo street vendors

The highlight of the morning for Em… flying a kite! 

family vacation review cabo san lucas

Above the beach and towering above with a pristine ocean view is the perfect lunch spot. Open just for lunch and dinner, this is a much do. For lunch, they serve an exclusively Italian menu with table service and a buffet, and then at night, it is a Mexican restaurant. 

lunch overlooking the ocean cabo

Look at this view!!! 

jumping manta rays cabo san lucas

While we were eating lunch we had some special entertainment too.

The famous jumping manta rays!!! They were jumping in the air and belly-flopping down. The sounds echoed and bounced off the beach. We could have watched them for hours!

beaches Cabo San Lucas

Each day there have been cruise ships pulling into the harbor and then tendering passengers onto land. We think that the Princess Cruise ship we sailed on was there when we first arrived. In fact, the first time I went to Cabo as a teen was on a Princess Cruise!

cabo family beaches

We love how many places there are to relax at the resort too.

If you want to enjoy a party aspect they have that. If you want to just sit back, be pampered and relax on your vacation, you are good to go here too. All in all, it is a really family-friendly place. 

riu palace lobby cabo

I love the way the lobby at Riu Palace Los Cabos lights up at night too! 

We are off having more fun now. I can’t wait to share all the other fun we are having here tomorrow!

Here is our video of day 1 in Cabo!

Have you been to Cabo before?

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