The Smoothest Start To The New School Year

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Smooth is the word of the day when it comes to the first day of school.

From waking the kids in the morning, to after school fun, I want everything to be as smooth as can be. To kick off our super smooth days, I rely on the smooth (see what I did there) coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Our super awesome first day of school started with Pete delivering coffee to me while I just started getting ready.

I’m at that point in life that I can’t function without coffee. I might *look* like I’m awake, but on the inside, nothing much is happening in my brain. Pete says the wheels start turning again as soon as I smell the coffee and he can see the full process of me really waking up as I finish that first cup of coffee. When we travel, I’ve even been known to bring my own Seattle’s Best Coffee® K-cups. I wish I were joking, but I really have that type of love affair with it! Back to that first day of school, I polished off my first cup, filled up my travel mug, and I was ready to take on the day, no matter where it took me!

I was so thankful for Seattle’s Best Coffee and their help to make my kids’ first day of school the Best Day of School!  I think the girls’ favorite part of the day was the free, downloadable, Best Day List! The list has a Q&A section that has the best questions. I was smiling and laughing at some of Emmy’s answers.

We filled out the top part together in the morning and then did the rest on the afternoon after school. It now proudly lives in our “memory cabinet”.  

You can see it in the background of the picture below. We put all of the girls’ special artwork, crafts, and pictures in there. It was supposed to hold our fine china, but I packed that all up and I like this use is so much better! I also printed extras of the Best Day List to use in the coming years too. I’m just not crafty enough to ever produce something like that, so I planned ahead!

Emmy would say that her favorite part was wearing her first day of school crown.

She wore it all day! I think it really made her extra happy since she was able to decorate it. Emmy loves crafting so this got her really excited for the first day of school. I love her crown too, and also the free lunch box note printables. They are so adorable and make me so happy when I put one in her lunch. Emmy also snuck one in my purse! 

I just know this year is going to be amazing!

Thanks to some planning on my part and the surprisingly affordable quality of Seattle’s Best Coffee®. It only costs a little more than regular brands to upgrade your cup each morning! 


Best Day List free printables and $1 off coupon are available to download at 

Do you love back-to-school time too?

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  • Sounds like a great start to a new year! My son came home from his first day, and I think we’re off to a good start as well!

  • I always dreaded the first day for school, for me and my kids! But, for the most part, they came through in flying colors! I’ve always wanted to try Seattle’s Best coffee, but not sure if it’s available around where I live. I love the downloadable Q&A list!

  • I really miss my kiddo when he is at school, so I was not ready for the school year to start, BUT now that it has I feel slightly more organized and back in some kind of routine! I love Seattle Best Coffee! ITs my favorite!

  • I am actually sad that my kids went back to school today. I feel like this summer went by way too fast and I wanted more time with them.

  • Coffee is an integral part of my day. I could not function without it. This brand is really tasty!

  • My girls went back to school last week. They had such a great start to school, so I’m so happy for them. I think the first day can be a bit scary at first.

  • My kids headed back to school today and it was nice to have the house to myself. I love my family but I crave my quiet time. It takes me forever to wake up in the morning.

  • My Son was so excited to start college this year. I have tried Seattle’s Best Coffee and loved it. I am looking forward to getting some more.

  • Starting off a new school year on a positive note for both mom and kids is definitely a must! I love the crown decor and the printables! Saving for next year, I know my girls would love it.

  • Back to school is a really exciting time, and plenty of caffeine is a must. Does Seattle’s also have a strong caffeine free blend?

  • Coffee is a must have for me these days! I homeschool so in some ways I think the hectic days never end, lol. By the way great photos! 🙂

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