The Smart Way To Save Time Looking For Things You Always Lose

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When we started to make our home smarter we looked for other gadgets that could help us. When I learned about our partner, Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder, I knew this was something we needed.


Efficiency is the name of the game around here. Pete and I are always looking for ways to stop wasting time and to be more efficient. It's the little time drains that add up in the end, like looking for your keys, or trying to find your wallet. I don't know how we manage to always misplace the car keys, but it happens weekly, if not even more often. That's a lot of wasted time (and frustration) that could be spent on more fun things, like family time.

Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder review

Losing our keys is a thing of the past for us now that we each have a Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder on our keys. We've been testing them out for a few days now and we are both really happy with how well they work and how easy they are to use. You just download the new Chipolo App (available for IOS and Andriod), attach the Chipolo to your keys and you are good to go. If you can't find your keys you just use the app on your phone to ring the Chipolo call and follow the sound.

We also learned that it works the opposite way too. You can shake your connected Chipolo and your phone will ring, even if it's on silent! If you lose your phone far away, Chipolo can help with that too. Just login to the Chipolo website app and you can see its last known location, make it ring, or send it a lock-screen message.

Since Pete and I share keys with each other we were able to share the Chipolo. We can both track the same Chipolo on each of our phones at the same time. 

lost key finder

We've also added it to our cats collar to find her newest hiding places. The girls had a lot of fun with that.

Another fun feature of the Chipolo is you can point your phone camera at you and shake your Chipolo to take a #ChipoloSelfie. This is going to come in handy on our next trip.

Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder

I love that it comes in nine colors and looks more like a fashion accessory than a piece of technology. It is sleek and really helps us with our day to day life.

Learn More On The Chipolo Website.

What item do you misplace the most?

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  1. I never lose my keys because we have a place we put them as soon as we walk in the house. This is brilliant, though!

  2. As a frequent traveler I always get that sinking feeling when I leave a hotel room and head to the airport. Am I missing something? Why do I feel like I’m missing something? I think I have everything….

    Seems like a Chipolo or five is exactly what I need to put my mind at ease.

  3. I misplace all kinds of things and so does my son and daughter. We could definitely use this to help us keep track of those important things!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love, love, LOVE this! We are constantly losing thing like our keys, my husband’s wallet, his glasses … this would be perfect. We got something to help us locate these items but then lost the device that would help us track them lol. This is perfect since it is an app on our phone … ya know, one of those things that is always within 2 feet of us. Perfect!

  5. I need these for everything my husband owns. He can never find his keys, his wallet, or his glasses. Apparently, he doesn’t like my suggestion to leave them all in the same place every time.

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