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The Smart Way To Protect Your Home

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Pete and I are always interested in learning new ways to protect our home in the smartest way possible. We were both really excited to test out the new Myfox Home Alarm and Security Camera. Thank you to Myfox for sponsoring this post.
myfox home alarm

We are big believers in home security systems.  

Pete and I always make sure our home is armed before we go anywhere.  We also like the peace of mind of having the system on when we are sleeping. Myfox does all of that and more.
myfox review
To start, the Myfox looks good. It is sleek and looks good in our home.
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Here are some of the things we loved best about our new home security and camera system.

1. There is no monitoring to pay for. When the system senses an issue or break in, you get an immediate notification on your phone and anyone else that you designate.  This saves a ton on monthly fees.

myfox home monitor
2. It was truly simple to install…. it took less than  20 minutes it get it all set up and going.  The myfox app walked me through the entire process, step by step.  There are no wires to run or tricky things to mount.
myfox alarm
3. The security camera is the best we've ever seen. It comes with a built in door that blocks the camera if you want it to for privacy.  You can choose to have this closed automatically when you are home, and conversely automatically open when you are away.  It will record any motion that it senses, and it is smart enough to recognize the difference between a pet and a real threat.  The camera is also wide angle, and has built in night vision.  There is also a microphone and speaker on the camera that allows you to talk (or warn) people in your home with the app.
More feature include:
  • The Myfox Security Camera is the only monitoring camera that protects your home AND your privacy through its remote controllable privacy shutter.
  • The Myfox Security Camera works in tandem with the Myfox App, which allows you to stay connected and keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are.
  • The HD camera’s night vision and wide-angle lens ensure you don’t miss anything, while the two-way microphone allows you stay in touch with family when they leave or return home, no matter where in the world you are.
  • The camera also has a battery backup and it can be moved from room to room for a kid’s birthday, watching your pets, as a baby monitoring device and more.
  • Of course, with your safety in mind, the camera's reliable motion detection triggers an alert to your app when something out of the ordinary happens.
4. This is the ONLY home security system that can prevent break-ins before they happen.

The alarm is smart enough to know the difference between an intrusion attempt and when there’s a ball banging against the door to prevent false alarms. The security system even disarms itself when a keyholding member of the household enters.
Going beyond standard security measures, the Myfox Home Alarm Kit’s smart sensor, called IntelliTAG™, can detect a break-in before it occurs, providing proactive security.
door alarm
5. The key fob is awesome. A key FOB is included with the system and it can automatically arm or disarm the system whether you are coming or going. It recognizes you automatically so that you don't have to fumble with disarming the alarm.
6. The free Myfox app allows you to customize the system to your needs.  You can also arm or disarm the system, add additional cameras or sensors, watch the security camera, and quite a bit more.  I found the app to be very well designed.  It feels very modern and was super easy to navigate.
myfox home security review
More things we thought were really cool:
  • The myfox system can be customized to any home or situation.  If you would like extra cameras, they are simple to add.
  • Through the Myfox key fob and smart product integrations, when a user arrives home the Nest Thermostat can automatically go into Home mode, music can start playing on Echo, and more. The possibilities for connected living are endless.
Myfox also recently introduced two new bundle packages online to offer savings to users who wish to purchase multiple key fobs and sensors to feel secure at home.
Are you looking for a new home security system?

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  1. We have a house alarm, but I would love one of these in addition to that. I think this is awesome.

  2. This is a really cool system. I like how much control you get with the camera and the motion detection alerts on my phone would be nice.

  3. Wow! The MyFox home security system sounds so great. I like that it’s free to use and it’s good to hear the camera is good. I am really interested in this security system. I’m heading to their site now to check it out. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of Myfox before this post!

  4. This system sounds amazing! I love the picture quality and how smart it seems to be. We are in the market for a security system that can monitor activity outside near our yard and front door since we are the corner house and worried about people passing by.

  5. I think something like this would really put my mind at ease! I love how clear the picture is. I really think it would help me with living in such a big city!

  6. I love that! It’s so perfect for keeping an eye on my dogs while I’m away and making sure there’s no jerk trying to steal my stuff!

  7. This sounds like a great system. I need to get one of these for my family. We don’t have any security systems, so this sounds like a great option for us.

  8. Can you believe we still pay $40plus a month for security? Ugh! Once our contract is up, we’re definitely not going to resign. This sounds like a great option at an affordable price.

  9. As a stay at home mom of three kiddos, this would be perfect! If I’m in the kitchen I can not hear the front door plus this would be great for when I’m cooking and the kids are playing in the other room.

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