The Search For The Best Frozen French Fry Has Ended!

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I recently went on a search for the best frozen french fries.  You see every week I buy a bag of potatoes and 95% of the time I end up throwing them away {actually I toss them down into our grove as a pseudo compost bin} I just don’t have the time or energy to slice them all up… but we LOVE french fries! On my list of needs was that I wanted them as close to a potato straight from the ground as possible, ie. no added junk. Enter Trader Joe’s!

These guys are $1.99 a bag and one bag feeds all 5 of us. We just put them on a baking sheet, spray them with some non-stick spray {Pam} and bake. I eat them straight out of the oven naked, but they also taste great with ketchup, or malt vinegar… or sprinkled with rosemary and salt!

These also taste fabulous dipped in the rosemary mayo! What’s your favorite french fry dip?

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
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  • Love Trader Joe’s ….will have to try these….great price…Thank you =)

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