The Perfect Gift To Help You Stay In Touch With Loved Ones

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I love finding gifts that really make life better for the special people in my life. Thank you to TracFone for sponsoring this post about the perfect gift to help you stay in touch with loved ones.

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This past year TracFone has played a big part of us all staying connected.

We’ve traveled over 100 days together, and I’ve taken a few trips for work without my crew. One of my favorite memories with our new TracFone’s was right after Emmy got her LG Sunrise™ Android™ smartphone. She was so excited to have her very own phone and has taken such good care of it. She mostly uses it to play games, but one time when I was across the country she called me all on her own just to see how I was doing, to tell me how much she loves me, and to ask how to spell California. After I stopped laughing I learned she was having a spelling competition and needed some help. It was a normal moment in our everyday life, but when I’m traveling those are the moments that I miss the most. And I love how TracFone is helping me be a part of them no matter where I am.

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I love how easy TracFone makes staying in touch.

We are so excited for 2016 and being able to talk to Great Grandma more too, once she gets her new TracFone phone from us. She will be able to pick up the phone and call us whenever she needs us, or just to say hi!

We are planning on getting Great Grandma the Unimax MaxPatriot AndroidTM smartphone from Walmart if it’s still available. It’s the same one I bought for myself back in September and it’s been a great phone for me. I think it will be perfect for her too… because it’s so easy to use!

TracFone would make a great gift for so many people on my list and yours!

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There are so many ways that TracFone phones and plans make the perfect gift. I would totally recommend adding them to your holiday shopping list today.

We love TracFone because it is one of America’s largest no-contract wireless service providers where you can “Do Everything For Less®”.  TracFone has No Contracts, No Bills, No Overages, No Credit Checks, & No Activation or Cancellation Fees. Plus you get unbeatable Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks.

TracFone has thought of everything and everyone.

With their Unlimited Carryover® from TracFone, customers get to keep their unused minutes, texts, and data as long as their service is active and in use within each six month period.

We love knowing that there is no pressure to use our minutes each month because we have Unlimited Carryover®.

This is especially helpful for us having teenagers, because you never know which month will be a higher usage month and we don’t have to worry about wasting minutes on the lower usage one. I’m also really happy that Auto-Refill is available because a big part of why the girls have phones is for safety and it makes us all feel better to know that they won’t ever run out of minutes. A credit card and account are required to enroll in Auto-Refill.

There are a bunch of plans to choose from too, like the 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Talk, Text and Data Plans.

TracFone offers 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Talk, Text and Data plans starting at just $19.99, an average monthly cost of only $7.1

Get Triple Everything- 3X Minutes, 3X Texts, 3X Data when you purchase any no-contract plan for your Android™ smartphone device.2

90-Day Smartphone Only Plans for smartphones and BYOP®- These new plans provide all current TracFone plans benefits, including Unlimited Carryover ® and basic international calling, and start as low as $35.00 (average cost less than $12/month3).

International Long Distance- With International Long Distance, you get basic international calling to over 100 destinations for the same price as a local call with all TracFone airtime service plans. Visit for more details

BYOP LTE- Now you can enjoy the smartphone you already love in a whole new way. Bring it to TracFone and get one of the most affordable plans in America on one of the two largest 4G LTE† networks. The only thing you’ll lose is your contract. Learn more at

Visit to choose your own phone and plan with TracFone!

Who would TracFone make a perfect gift for on your list?

1Disclaimer: A month equals 30 days. Airtime Service Plan required for activation. Phones/Plans sold separately. Based on 90-day / 60 minute / $19.99 airtime service plan.

2Triple Everything except with ‘smartphone only’ plans. Triple the face value of airtime service plans, excluding smartphone only, data only, and text only cards. Double minute cards do not apply. For example:  with a 60 minute airtime service plan you get 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 MB of data.

3These plans do not triple.

†Requires a compatible or unlocked 4G LTE, LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Requires a compatible or unlocked smartphone. Actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary. Most GSM and CDMA smartphones are compatible.

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