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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift, Make Connecting Easier With Walmart Best Plans

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We are a family on the GO! My husband and I always seem to be running around.

Unfortunately, not always together. We are constantly working, but we also want to stay in touch as a family too!

When thinking about what to get Pete as a Father's Day gift, Walmart Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web immediately came to mind! I want us to stay as connected as possible and this totally helps! I have walked by the display at Walmart that features the Walmart Family Mobile Plan but last week I stopped and really looked it over and bought Pete a new phone!

 walmart low price cell phones ad

I was really impressed with the options Walmart's Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans had to offer. As usual, Walmart's prices were unbeatable. There were phones that would be perfect for every kind of user. 

The plans had no hidden fees or contracts that would tie us down either.
family phone plan walmart

I decided to go with the Nokia Lumina 521 Cell phone for Pete.

It was affordably priced at $98.88 and the kit was only $25. I knew it would make a great Father's Day gift and it would help him connect with the girls more too!  The Nokia Lumina 521 is a really great smartphone. It has all the features and apps that Pete needs {including messaging, Google Mail, music, videos and so much more} and most importantly… connecting with the girls as much as possible!


The new cell phone was really easy to set up and activate.

I appreciate simple, uncomplicated processes! Walmart also has great customer service. Any questions that we had were answered quickly and clearly. Their unlimited talk, text, and web at only $39.88 a month are awesome! 

walmart family plan cell phone ad


I know that this phone is going to help Pete stay connected even more to the girls and that made me realize that this would be perfect for other members of our family.

My father in law has actually never had a smart phone so we are really thinking this would be perfect for him too! It's hard not being able to reach him when he is on the go and I know he would love being able to connect with us whenever he wants… not to mention all the other ways he could use a smartphone.

The plans at Walmart are perfect for him too… and super affordable. 



There is still time to head on over to Walmart and pick one up for the father in your life too!

What do you do to stay connected with your Father or family?


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  1. You got a great deal on the phone and service! I’ve been considering switching to one of Wal-Mart’s plans. As for Father’s Day, well… I still don’t know what I’m picking up for my husband or my father. Maybe a new phone?

  2. We are under contract with our current provider, but this is good to know.

  3. This is a great deal and plan. We’re also under a contract (and get a serious discount because of a few things), but it’s nice to shop around. We have a few apps that we’re able to share calendars/information with, which makes it easy to plan and stay on top of work and family schedules.

  4. A new cell phone is something my hubby would love to have for Father’s Day! Unfortunately, the one he wants is a bit more expensive. The Nokia phones have amazing cameras though — maybe I can take him away from the Samsung he wants!

  5. I’ve heard a lot about Walmart’s phone service.. Of course we cannot switch due to a contract. SN– the view in your pictures are amazing!

  6. Thats cool that Walmart now offers afforable Family Mobile plans! I am with another service but I didnt even know Walmart had that as an option. Walmart literally has everything!

  7. I love that they have cheaper plans without a contract. My fiance and I debate changing companies. This would be a great gift

  8. Look at that view you have… amazing. Right now, we are with verizon… but in a few months, we will be able to look into something else.

  9. Thank you for sharing. This is great information to know when it is time for the kids and I to renew our phones.

  10. We definitely use our smartphones to stay connected with friends and family. We use it to take pictures and video, text, call, etc.

  11. I love the pricing and no mandatory contract. If the network they’re on gains some strength I’d look into it again.

  12. Sounds like a good price for a plan and also the phone is nice.
    We do not use contract as we have sim cards that as long as you have any credit on your phone you can text between the same network for free.

  13. I still can’t get over your view, so beautiful. Since my husband works so much we stay connected via cell phone. I send videos and pics throughout the day so he doesn’t miss a thing.

  14. Those are very affordable. My husband has been having major issues with his phone. we will probably start looking. this is a lot cheaper than we have right now.

  15. We bought my dad a no contract phone from Walmart, back last Christmas. He loves it and you can’t beat the price!

  16. that’s a really good gift for fathers day. I know my dh would love it. we’ve been thinking of switching carriers ours is too expensive.

  17. I’m definitely thinking gadget for my husband. The hard part is getting him something he doesn’t have! LOL!

  18. My husband need a new phone SO badly! This would be a great gift for Father’s Day.

  19. I absolutely love the Walmart Family Mobile plan. It has saved us tons of money compared to our old plan!

  20. This is a nice phone and really nice phone plan. On top of that, it is a gift a dad would love to receive.

  21. It took my dad a while to realize he needed a smartphone but once he finally got one it was so much easier to stay in touch! #client

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